“Very cuddly” Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater show off their romance at the “Wicked” party in Las Vegas

The couple’s love for one another was evident at a CinemaCon celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday, following the screening of their upcoming movie “Wicked.”

Sometime between December 9, 2022, and July 13, 2023, the irreversible couple fell in love on the London set of Jon M. Chu’s large-scale adaptation of the 2003 Broadway musical. As of right now, they remain united.

Earlier, numerous bodyguards surrounded the 30-year-old pop star and the 31-year-old Tony nominee in Caesars Palace’s loading/backstage area, making them appear smaller.

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater
Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater’s romance in Las Vegas

Grande (born Butera) was wearing a classic trench coat with her platinum-blonde hair in a messy bun when they first arrived at the venue.

Grande and Cynthia Erivo introduced the movie at CinemaCon, a gathering where Hollywood studios show off their upcoming blockbusters for theater owners.

But gobsmacked industry sources said they were shocked to see Slater taking the lead at an afterparty at Sin City celebrity sushi spot Nobu.

Slater was allegedly “leading her through the party by the hand” as the couple flaunted their relationship. He was taking the lead.

Some trusted sources described Grande and Slater as “very sweet” and emphasized they were “very cuddly” throughout the evening.

The studio didn’t seem to be bothered by the couple’s controversial off-screen relationship.

“I thought they’d downplay [their relationship] for promotion. The studio [Universal] doesn’t seem worried. Grande and Slater, according to the source, “were incredibly sweet and affectionate.”

When Grande and Slater began dating last summer after working together on “Wicked,” Grande “completely blindsided” his wife, Lilly Jay. The circumstances were called “horrible” by a source.

 Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater

Production sources from the film also said that Lilly Jay would visit Slater on the set with their baby at the time, and Grande would spend time with them.

According to reports, they even went on two dates together with Grande’s ex-husband, Dalton Gomez.

When they settled their divorce in March, the pop star, whose estimated net worth is $240 million, was required to pay real estate broker Gomez a lump sum of $1.25 million with no further alimony due.

Grande has not said anything about her new relationship up to this point, but her music does.
According to reports, the “Wicked” stars are living happily ever after in New York City.

‘This whole experience is impossible to put into words,’ Ariana said onstage.

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