Khalid and Salama Divorce Reason

Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed, a Kuwaiti couple that is very renowned for their colorful social media posts that often dwell on their lives, adversaries, and relationships, deliver humble and funny content.

Whereas, he/she has to engage with me/us but shares the little things about their family, such as children, Abdullah and Khalifa, both on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which they share with a large following.

The couple has personally shared their struggles, for example, their son’s autism diagnosis and Salama’s skin problems on social media.

This has ensured their acceptance and popularity in the UAE, other citizens view them as influential personalities. Nevertheless, the insinuation of their divorce has raised many doubts that range from the status of their relationship to the cause behind the speculation.

Khalid and Salama
Khalid and Salama an Inspiring couple

Who is Salama Mohamed and Khalid Al Ameri?

A pair of prominent United Arab Maghribi youth on social media especially from the couple Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed is worthy to be mentioned for its liveliness.

They do help to entertain and motivate through this sort of content by often winding up marriage-related stuff or society life.

They reward or energize each other so for Khalid through his weekend allowance and Salama through her skincare line income-generating opportunity.

While they are careful in maintaining their family’s privacy, their online presence includes publishing bow regional cute pictures of their kids Abdullah and Khalifa.

They, indeed, have a large fan base and use TikTok and Instagram as a means of making people be carried away with joy through their shared messages.

Their young son with autism and their daughter suffering from skin disorder chromosomal disorder (kindly clarify what I mentioned) have been disclosed besides their other private struggles.

Numerous popular YouTubers have become recognized and indispensable individuals in people’s everyday lives due to the simplicity of their content source and the sincerity of their narratives.

Salama Mohamed

Khalid and Salama Divorce Reason

There’s no official confirmation of Khalid and Salama’s divorce. Fans noticed their absence together in a video, fueling speculation. Salama, an entrepreneur, hasn’t shared about her husband. She discusses vitiligo on podcasts.

In this Instagram short video, Khaled and Salama were not shown side by side, so the fans were the ones who recognized the distance between the two.

Salama who is one of the founders of this company is also an entrepreneur and she has not shared anything related to her husband on media.

The divorce has given rise to a buzzing hive as they push silence as a countermeasure to the rumors of their alleged separation.

In the last Hikmat Wehbi podcast episode, they interviewed Salama Mohamed. She narrates a tale from this chapter in her life, after going from a shy family member to a social media influencer for vitiligo in episode # 152.

Along with that, she was featured on “The MADE Podcast” where she shares how she sacrificed to start a new business, how she built her brand, and what she learned while being the chief executive officer and founder of Peaceful, her beauty product.

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