Is Jennifer Metcalfe Leaving Hollyoaks? Teases Dramatic Twists on Hollyoaks

Jennifer Metcalfe, best known for her role as Mercedes McQueen on the popular British soap opera Hollyoaks, has been a fan favorite since joining the show in 2006.

As with any long-running television show, cast changes are inevitable and can often cause speculation about an actor’s future on the show.

Jennifer Metcalfe is Missing?

Hollyoaks fans are speculating if actor Jennifer Metcalfe, who plays Mercedes McQueen on the British serial, will leave the program.

When Jennifer Metcalfe was missing from filming Hollyoaks for a few weeks in early 2021, rumors started to circulate about her leaving the show.

Because of this, a lot of fans thought she had quit the program or was about to leave. Furthermore, a mysterious Instagram message hinting at someone’s departure from the show was posted by her co-star Chelsee Healey.

Is Jennifer Metcalfe Leaving Hollyoaks
Hollyoaks is where Jennifer Metcalfe stays.

Is Jennifer Metcalfe Leaving Hollyoaks?

No, Jennifer Metcalfe is not leaving Hollyoaks. Jennifer Metcalfe addressed these speculations and affirmed that she will not be leaving Hollyoaks anytime soon in an interview with Digital Spy.

She reassured supporters that she had no intention of leaving the program, explaining that her absence from filming was due to personal circumstances.

Jennifer also shared some fascinating information about the plot of the next episodes featuring her character Mercedes. She alluded to a potential reunion between herself and her ex-husband Sylver (played by David Tag) and indicated that there would be some significant drama, including Mercedes.

It appears that fans can relax in the knowledge that their beloved, fiery McQueen will not be leaving them just yet.

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