Is Dan Quinn leaving the Cowboys? Head Coaching Interviews Spark Speculation

Dan Quinn, the current defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, stands at a crossroads in his coaching career.

After a notable stint as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, he now faces a series of head coaching interviews with teams.

Read the below article to know exactly what happened and whether he is leaving the Cowboys or not.

Who is Dan Quinn?

Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, is being spotlighted by rumors about his coaching career prospects.

After being the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons from 2015 to 2020, Quinn has recently been interviewed for five different top positions as well.

Quinn has interviewed with the Panthers and the Titans, and he will speak to both commanders and Seahawks.

From these clubs, the Seattle Seahawks seem to be the favorites after Quinn has some background with this particular team.

For example, the rate of his prominence increased when he spent two years as a defensive coordinator with the Seahawks in 2013-14 and played an important role in one Super Bowl win and another going to their team.

After spending a short amount of time away from the team after he was fired as their head coach in 2020, Quinn joined the Dallas Cowboys on defense.

He has led the defense of the Cowboys to improve in three years, finishing fifth overall for the total defense last season.

Nevertheless, the defense struggled in the recent wild-card game, where they gave up 415 yards and allowed 41 points, as a result of which the Packers won by defeating them by winning it over losing at home.

Even though the Cowboys chose to keep head coach Mike McCarthy on board for 2024, it is unclear what happens next with Dan Quinn.

Through a statement, Jerry Jones, Cowbthe’s’ owner, showed faith in McCarthy as the team leader but did not shed light on Quinn’s case.

With the coaching carousel rolling in the NFL, Quinn’s interviews and whether he gets a head coach position are going to have something to say about Quinn remaining with his current employers.

The unpredictability provides an interesting aspect to the Cowboys’ coaching staff for seasons to come.

Is Dan Quinn leaving the Cowboys?

Dan Quinn's coaching future is in danger?
Dan Quinn’s coaching future is in danger?

It is unclear whether or not Dan Quinn will continue to coach the Dallas Cowboys. The defensive coordinator finds himself in the eye of speculation since he holds interviews with several teams as a head coach.

It is reported that Quinn has interviews with five entities, which are the Panthers, Titans, Commander Seahawks, and Chargers currently.

These interviews’ results will decide whether Dan Quinn leaves the Dallas Cowboys or stays with them. However, if Quinn’s name is not on the hot seat for any one of those five head coaching positions, there will be a persistent belief that he remains with the Cowboys.

This possible continuation would keep the defensive coordinator’s position as an integral member of the team’s coaching staff.

This seems especially noteworthy since Seattle was the team where Quinn previously excelled as defensive coordinator from 2013 to 2014.

In that time, he was pivotal in the team’s Super Bowl win and another appearance at a Super Bowl as well. The move of Pete Carroll into the role of advisor has led to conjecture that Quinn could be a viable candidate for the head coaching position in Seattle.

As McCarthy faced an unfortunate defeat against the Packers in a wild-card loss, the Dallas Cowboys decided to keep Mike McCath as their coach for the 2024 season.

The announcement itself did not make it clear what could happen with Quinn; however, owner Jerry Jones was confident in McCarthy as a leader.

Which teams have Dan Quinn interviewed for head coaching?

Dan Quinn, the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive coordinator, has embarked on a series of head coaching interviews, reflecting potential shifts in his coaching trajectory.

His interviews thus far include sessions with the Panthers and the Titans, and he is slated to engage with the Commanders and Seahawks.

The Seattle Seahawks, in particular, emerge as a significant point of interest, given Quinn’s prior successful tenure as their defensive coordinator from 2013-14.

His impact during that period contributed to a Super Bowl win and another appearance.

While Quinn’s coaching journey has seen highs, such as leading the Atlanta Falcons to a Super Bowl in 2016, his subsequent firing in 2020 marked a downturn.

However, the Cowboys welcomed him onto their coaching staff a few months later, and under his guidance, the team’s defense has demonstrated improvement over the past three seasons, ranking fifth in total defense most recently.

Despite a setback in the wild-card loss to the Packers, where the defense allowed 415 yards and 41 points, the Cowboys have opted to retain head coach Mike McCarthy for the 2024 season.

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