Is Ben Mitchell leaving EastEnders? A look into his life

In the shadowed corners of Walford, where secrets lurk behind every door and loyalty is tested on the anvil of life’s harsh realities, one man’s journey through turmoil, redemption, and heartache comes to a sudden crossroads.

Ben Mitchell, a character as multifaceted as the cobblestones of Albert Square, has navigated the treacherous waters of love, crime, and family legacy, leaving an indelible mark on the heart of EastEnders.

Embark with us as we peel back the layers of Ben’s storied existence in Walford, from the struggles that shaped him to the love that redeemed him, and the ultimate decision that leads to his stories from the Square.

Who is Ben Mitchell?

Is Ben Mitchell leaving EastEnders
On the journey of Ben Mitchell from EastEnders.

Since his on-screen birth on March 21, 1996, Ben Mitchell, a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, has been portrayed by six different actors.

From 1996 to 1998, Matthew Silver portrayed Ben as a baby, and from 1999 to 2001, Morgan Whittle portrayed him as a toddler. In 2006, Charlie Jones returned to the series as Ben after a five-year hiatus.

Joshua Pascoe, who debuted on December 13, 2010, was the new actor cast for the character in 2010. Ben left on August 24, 2012, and Pascoe left the position in 2012.

Harry Reid played Ben when his comeback was revealed in May 2014; Ben made his way back on September 22, 2014.

Is Ben Mitchell leaving EastEnders?

Yes, Ben Mitchell is leaving EastEnders. In the midst of leaving EastEnders, five years after playing Walford bad boy Ben Mitchell, Max Bowden has revealed his new role.

The storyline surrounding Bowden’s character’s exit from the BBC One soap opera is currently airing on screen. Bowden’s departure was announced last year.

After leaving, Bowden will take part in Birdsong’s 30th anniversary tour in the role of Jack Firebrace. Prior to this, Bowden played the part of Tipper during the Birdsong tour in 2016.

Although the scenes involving Ben’s fate have not yet been completed, Bowden has since sent his fans a heartfelt message.

An emotional heart-to-heart with husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay) marked the conclusion of Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) final episode, and it was the moment that hordes of EastEnders viewers were dreading.

Though the character’s departure came far too soon, shattering the hearts of everyone who fell in love with “Ballum,” Ben’s exit storyline was spared from a chilly and, to be honest, unconvincing conclusion thanks to that final, poignant scene.

Prior to recent spoilers confirming that Ben would be arrested for an unidentified crime, his departure from Callum and his daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) was confirmed.

Little was known about what might cause him to leave. It was discovered that Ben had committed fraud and theft while in America to treat the late Lola Pearce-Brown (Danielle Harold) for cancer.

Who is Ben Mitchell

This crime fit Ben’s past, but it was never mentioned until the police were drawing near.

Hope for a significant amount of screen time to commemorate star Bowden’s farewell was quickly dwindling as other plots took center stage throughout the week, but the recent heartfelt episode turned things around.

Even though Callum had made the on-brand choice to cut Ben out of his life, he later had second thoughts and visited Ben, albeit only from outside his jail cell.

After that, the two continued what had become a ritual until Ben ended their relationship and advised Callum to find another man who could truly love him.

What is EastEnders about?

Julia Smith and Tony Holland are the creators of the British television soap opera EastEnders, which debuted on BBC One in February 1985.

The show tells the experiences of locals and their families as they go about their everyday lives in the fictitious East End district of Walford, London.

After just eight months of its debut, the show topped BARB’s television ratings and has been one of the country’s highest-rated shows ever since.

EastEnders has made a significant contribution to British television drama history by depicting a social life not before seen on UK mainstream television and by exploring a number of topics that are taboo or contentious in British culture.

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