“Below Deck” star Fraser Olender and Jill Zarin were “done” when he refused to stand by her in public

Chief Stew Fraser Olender did not publicly stand up for Jill Zarin when fans called her “absolutely insufferable” on “Below Deck,” so she does not want anything to do with him.

“I stayed in contact with Fraser for a year. But I do not want to speak with him again after that. Not at all until this past week,” Zarin stated on Friday in an interview.

The former cast member of Real Housewives of New York City stated emphatically that she is not planning to patch things up with Fraser, saying, “I am done. He refuses to pay attention. I attempted to connect with him on Instagram. He said, “I feel horrible because you are getting a lot of hate, and you do not deserve it.” And I asked, “Well, would you like to say anything?” And he disregarded it.

“I’m done. He refuses to pay attention,” she remarked.

Fraser Olender
Fraser Olender Ignored’ Request to Defend Jill Zarin

“I had a great time with Fraser. We laughed. We succeeded,” she said. “After I got off the boat, I called to Fraser. I said, ‘Thank you so much for the most amazing time. We had the best time ever. I love to stay in touch.’”

Then, according to Zarin, he thanked her, said I would “love to see you again,” and promised to “stay in touch.” “I was nice, so did he ever complain about me or say, ‘I do not ever want to talk to her?'” she asked.

Though she “did not enjoy the commentary saying nasty things about me behind my back and not allowing me to respond to any of the criticism,” Zarin thought back on her time on the superyacht as “great.”

Zarin did, however, give credit to Barbara “Barbie” Pascual, a stewardess, who had defended her on social media earlier. In an Instagram Story selfie video last week, Pascual said, “You guys, I watched the show back, and I do not think that Jill was as bad as it looked.

I just want to add that she was pleasant, sweet, and entertaining in other situations.”

Jill Zarin

After Zarin made requests on the Bravo show for a particular type of ice cubes, a bell for continuous communication with crew members, and toiletries in the bathroom, fans referred to her as “spoiled” and “entitled.”

A rep for Olender said he would not be commenting.

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