Who is Stone on GH? Who played Stone on General Hospital?

“The General Hospital” is a famous American soap opera that has been on the air for over five decades. One of the longest-running characters on the show is Stone Cates, a young man who was first introduced in 1991. However, the question of Stone’s age has been a topic of debate among fans of the show.

The Real Stone!

In this popular daytime show, “General Hospital,” the character of Stone was played by actor Michael Sutton. The role was first introduced in 1992, and Sutton portrayed the character until 1995.

The Life Of Stone In General Hospital!

Stone Cates was a troubled young man who came to Port Charles seeking redemption for his past mistakes.

He had a troubled upbringing and had been involved in a life of crime before coming to the city. In Port Charles, Stone found love and acceptance in the form of Robin Scorpio, a young woman who helped him turn his life around.

Throughout his time on the show, Stone struggled with addiction and the repercussions of his past actions, but ultimately, he was able to overcome these obstacles and become a better person.

He and Robin had a deeply emotional and romantic relationship that captivated audiences.

Sadly, Stone’s time on the show came to a tragic end when he contracted HIV and eventually passed away.

His death was one of the first major storylines about the disease on daytime television, and it helped to raise awareness about the ongoing epidemic.

Sutton’s portrayal of Stone was widely praised by critics and fans alike. He brought depth and emotional nuance to the character, making Stone a truly compelling and relatable character. The Stone and Robin storyline remains one of the most beloved in the show’s history.

Revealing The Age!

Stone Cates was initially portrayed as a teenage high school student when he first appeared on the show. He was in a romantic relationship with Robin Scorpio, another teenager on the show, and the two of them were involved in a number of dramatic storylines.

However, as the years went by, the character of Stone seemed to age very little, despite the fact that several years had passed in the show’s continuity.

This led to confusion among fans as to how old Stone was supposed to be. Some argued that the character was meant to be a “forever young” type, while others believed that the writers had simply forgotten to age the character along with the rest of the cast.

In reality, the confusion about Stone’s age can be attributed to the nature of soap operas. Soap operas are known for their slow-moving storylines and long-running characters, and as a result, the ages of characters can sometimes become muddled.

Stone in General Hospital
Stone on General Hospital

It is especially true for characters like Stone, who were initially introduced as teenagers but were still present on the show several years later.

Closing Thoughts!

In conclusion, while the actual age of Stone Cates is not clearly defined in the series, it’s quite common in soap operas to have characters with vague or contradictory ages.

However, he was 19 when he passed away. The show focuses on the storyline and the characters’ roles rather than their age.

Thus, Michael Sutton’s portrayal of Stone Cates in the series “General Hospital” was a memorable one.

The character of Stone is a complex and troubled young man who faces many obstacles but ultimately finds redemption through love and acceptance.

Sutton’s portrayal of the character was widely praised by critics and fans, making Stone a beloved and relatable character in the show’s history.

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