What happened to Kiki on General Hospital?

On GENERAL HOSPITAL, the troubled heroine Kiki Jerome endured a great deal in her short life but ultimately met a horrible end.

Originally portrayed by Kristen Alderson, the character was first presented in May of 2013; however, Hayley Erin took over the role in February of 2015, and she continued to do so until the character was eliminated from the serial opera in November of 2018.

First Appearance

When Michael Corinthos brought Morgan Corinthos back, Kiki first showed up as his new girlfriend and then went with him to Port Charles.

She was shocked to learn that her father, Franco Baldwin, is still alive, thanks to her mother, Ava Jerome.

Kiki and Michael got closer, but when they kissed, they were frightened to realize they might be related.

What happened to Kiki on General Hospital?

Instead of telling Kiki the truth that Dr. Silas Clay was her father, Morgan pushed her into marrying him. Their marriage quickly ended when she discovered what he had been hiding from her.

What happened to Kiki on General Hospital?
What happened to Kiki on General Hospital?

And later, Kiki was not pleased to learn that her mother was having an affair with Morgan, even though she was now seeing Michael.

Kiki’s reconciliation with Ava

In the end, Kiki and Ava were reunited. Ava had feared Sonny would kill her if she became pregnant with his kid because she knew he killed A.J. Quartermaine.

Morgan and Kiki made a deal to keep Michael in the dark about the circumstances surrounding his father’s passing. Michael, however, was enraged when the secret was revealed and dumped her.

Then, when Kiki discovered that Ava was the one who had murdered Sonny’s lover, Ava had deceived Sonny into killing A.J. in retaliation for killing Connie!

Ava’s baby kidnapping

After Ava gave birth, Nina Reeves stole the child; after being rescued, Avery was given to Kiki when Ava was imprisoned.

When Sonny was granted a pardon, Kiki returned his daughter to him since she had been horrified to learn that her mother had died while trying to flee.

But when a furious Michael filed for custody, Kiki and Morgan worked together to give Michael drugs to make him act erratically so he would lose the custody dispute.

As Kiki got to know Denise DeMuccio, who claimed to be Ava’s long-lost twin but was Ava in disguise, she rekindled her connection with Morgan.

Kiki was shocked to realize that her mother was still alive but devastated to learn that she and Morgan had restarted their relationship. Kiki became angry, resorted to the alcohol, and started acting aggressively against everyone in her vicinity.

Additionally, she crashed a car when intoxicated, and she subsequently realized that she had run Carly off the road. When Morgan lost control and was later killed in a car bombing, Kiki was left in absolute shock.

She gradually warmed up to Dillon Quartermaine, who provided her with a shoulder to cry on, and they later decided to go public with their relationship.

However, he left town for work and did not come back. Kiki enthusiastically began working at General Hospital as a medical student.

But when Dr. Bensch sexually harassed her, she hit a hurdle. Even though Kiki was forgiven by her mother for her transgressions after Ava nearly perished in a fire, their relationship turned when Kiki slept with her mother’s lover, Griffin Monroe, following the 2018 Nurses Ball.

Her harassment case and her murder

Kiki prevailed in her sexual harassment case against Dr. Bensch. Still, Ava removed her daughter from her life after her tryst with Griffin was made public in court.

Ava vowed retaliation against Kiki and Griffin as they hesitantly began their romance.

The serial killer also resolved to assist Ava in permanently eliminating Kiki after she confided in Ryan Chamberlain about her desire for vengeance while mistaking him for Dr. Kevin Collins.

Ava was horrified by Kiki’s horrible death, and the terror grew when she realized that the man she had been having a relationship with was her daughter’s killer and not Kevin! Even though Ryan was prosecuted, Ava was still plagued by guilt and sought solace from her daughter’s soul by hiring several other psychics.

Unfortunately, Kiki warned her mother she would never forgive her when her daughter’s spirit visited a grieving Ava!

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