What happened to Curtis on General Hospital?

The happy occasion was ruined by a shooter who is unknown and cannot be seen firing shots at those gathered around the Metro Court pool, according to the Port Charles employees of the General Hospital.

But with so many locals present and so many different potential aggressors, who ended up getting shot? Curtis, perhaps? Has he passed away? Is he going to leave General Hospital? Let us find out.

Curtis Ashford’s Love Journey: From Jordan to Portia in Port Charles

 In 2015, Curtis traveled to Port Charles to aid Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) in locating the offender. The character debuted at that point. Curtis has experienced his fair share of passionate romances and intriguing storylines.

The wife of his deceased brother, Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper), was the first person he disagreed with. Over time, a spark started to grow between the two. While they were both at the Nurse’s Ball, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Currently, he is seeing Portia.

What happened to Curtis at General Hospital?

According to recent spoilers, once a party begins at the Metro Court, Curtis might run into a terrifying situation. This year, Independence Day will be celebrated in Port Charles a little later than usual, but there will still be a Fourth of July party where guests can mingle.

Tragically, tragedy will occur at this celebration. The number of potential victims is decreased by the most recent SOD issue. At the gathering, shots will be heard before someone collapses.

Is Curtis Leaving GH?

No, Curtis is not currently leaving General Hospital. These are just rumors at this point because the shooting rumor has gained traction. No official statements have been made in response to the information by Donnell Turner, the actor who plays Curtis.

What happened to Curtis on General Hospital
What happened to Curtis on General Hospital?

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Curtis will remain at General Hospital and contribute to interesting storylines. A passionate love triangle may develop between him and Portia. 

Curtis will be joining the WSB, implying that he will remain involved in the show’s captivating storylines, according to recent spoilers. Although anything is possible, there is currently no sign that Curtis Ashford or Donnell Turner will be leaving General Hospital anytime soon.

Did Curtis die on General Hospital?

Although Curtis may have been shot by the gun, he most likely survived. Rumors are circulating that a necessary surgery will be successful. Calculate the connection between this surgery and Curtis’s life by multiplying two numbers.

Dante also tells Sonny and Anna that it was clear which of them was the intended victim once everything was under control. Sonny informs Nina that although there was an injury this evening, there was not a fatality when she finally arrives. 

Michael receives a call at the trailer’s conclusion, Trina looks up at the sky in shock, and Portia looks down in horror as she discovers that an innocent person has been hit during the commotion.  

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Curtis Ashford – FAQs

Who was shot on General Hospital?

Curtis, Trina’s recently appointed father, is having a bad day. Curtis was the one who ended up taking a bullet, even though Sonny and Anna both think they were the ones being targeted by the shots fired at the Metro Court.

How is Curtis related to T.J. on General Hospital?

Hayden’s shooting was planned by Nikolas Cassadine, and Curtis discovered this after receiving payment from the victim. Later, he ran into Jordan, who revealed that he was TJ’s uncle and that TJ’s legal father was Thomas, Jordan’s ex-partner.

Who is Curtis Ashford’s father?

Marshall Ashford, Curtis Ashford’s father who was once estranged from him, is an enthusiastic musician. Marshall is adamant about finding his son in Port Charles after being presumed dead and coming back to Curtis’ life.

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