Speculations Arise: Is Curtis Leaving General Hospital? Find out the whole story

General Hospital fans are being hit with surprising news as beloved character Curtis Ashford, portrayed by Donnell Turner is rumored to be leaving the soap opera.

After captivating audiences for several years with his dynamic performances and compelling storylines, Will Curtis be bidding farewell to Port Charles? Let us find out more.

Who is Curtis on General Hospital?

2015 saw Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) make his first appearance at General Hospital. He was a private eye who traveled to Port Charles to assist Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) in identifying the assailant.

He and Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper), the spouse of his deceased brother, were immediately at odds with one another. The two eventually started to feel a spark. At the 2018 Nurse’s Ball, he got down on one knee and proposed to her.

What happened to Curtis on General Hospital: How he becomes a self-centered individual

Jordan was hurt when Curtis ran to her after discovering the truth about Trina, so he took advantage of her emotions. He gave her false hope that they had a chance, and when he moved back in with Portia, he did not let her know.

Because Portia found out about the kiss, he is now engaging in the blame game once more. He somehow thinks it is acceptable to barge into Jordan’s office and accuse her of telling Portia when, in reality, he ought to have told Portia himself. It should not be her problem to deal with his marital problems.

What is going on in General Hospital?

For the holiday celebration last week, lots of friends and families gathered at Metro Court. Sonny invited Dante to dinner and asked him to serve as his best man at his nuptials.

Jordan and Anna enjoyed drinks together by the pool, but after Zeke showed up, Anna gave Jordan some space. Once Portia and Curtis arrived, the situation only became more awkward.

Is Curtis Leaving General Hospital
Is Curtis Leaving General Hospital? / Credit: ABC

In the meantime, Anna called Sonny and asked him to meet her at the pool because she needed to give him a crucial but cryptic message regarding Valentin. Dante abruptly commanded everyone to leave as he passed by while carrying takeout for the kids’ house because he saw a gunman on the roof!

Is Curtis Leaving General Hospital?

There is no concrete evidence to support that Fans have been speculating about Curtis Ashford leaving General Hospital but as of now. Curtis will be joining the WSB, according to recent spoilers, suggesting that he will continue to be involved in the show’s compelling storylines.

Though things are subject to change, there is currently no sign that Curtis Ashford or Donnell Turner will be leaving General Hospital anytime soon.

Gunfire at the Metro Court:

This week, Dante retaliates against the shooter while Chase assists Dante in attempting to control the gunfire. Chase quickly ducks inside to report three shots that were fired at the Metro Court, but he is not sure if anyone was hurt.

When the situation is under control, Dante tells Sonny and Anna that it was obvious that one of them was the target. When Nina finally arrives, Sonny lets her know that tonight there was an injury.

The promo ends with Michael receiving a call, Trina gazing up in the sky in shock, and Portia gazing down in horror as she realizes that an innocent victim has been struck during the commotion.

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Curtis on General Hospital – FAQs

How are TJ and Curtis related to General Hospital?

In addition to having close ties to his aunt Stella Henry and nephew T.J. Ashford, Curtis was recently reunited with his father, Marshall Ashford.

Why did Curtis leave Jordan on GH?

Jordan was not pleased when Curtis revealed to her that he had every intention of staying in town once his work with Hayden was complete. Jordan tried everything she could to stop Curtis and T.J. from getting back together.

Why was Michael temporarily replaced on GH?

Duell announced in a tweet that Adamson filled in for him due to COVID-related issues and that he will start taping again the following week.

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