General Hospital Spoilers June 19 2023: Welcome Eddie Maine, Ava is spying on her nanny

General Hospital Spoilers for Monday, June 19, will leave you baffled. Man, this is getting crazy! Ned woke up, Yay! But the most unexpected twist ever, He has woken up as his alternate personality. Hop in to learn the whole story.

Ava is spying on Sonny

It reveals that Ava will be caught spying. Sonny’s home is where Ava may be caught spying. Ava intended to look for evidence that might be used against her there, but she also understood that she needed to move quickly because the nanny was on her way.

Pilar will appear in a few scenes very soon, so if she sees Ava rummaging around, she might become alarmed. Ava might become concerned that Pilar might comment on Sonny, but it appears she will diffuse the situation for the time being.

Austin warns Laura

After Ava provides an update from the hospital, Austin will suggest that perhaps a new nanny is needed. Austin may think Ava can pay someone who’ll be a little more cooperative and could perhaps help with her mission to get the goods.

Laura will receive a warning from Austin later, but it seems that she will not take it well. If Austin warns Laura about her trip to Russia, Laura may push him out of the way because she will appear agitated as she inquires as to whether that is Austin’s medical advice.

Curtis and Trina’s moment

As Curtis Ashford’s pool party continues, he’ll bond with Trina. Trina will quip that they are making boring progress, but Curtis will believe that any advancement at this time is positive.

Portia investigates Zeke

Over with Portia, she’ll grill Zeke about how he could know how Curtis has been behaving.  Zeke made hints about Curtis’ actions following the wedding, but Portia will not take them seriously because her brother has not even been in town.

Zeke will find it difficult to trick Portia despite Jordan’s pressure to keep quiet about the kiss she shared with Curtis. Stay tuned to see how Zeke responds to Portia’s pressure because it might not be long before he breaks and spills the beans.

Jordan will receive an intriguing opportunity in the interim; it will be interesting to see if she takes advantage of it.

Nina takes a breath of relief

Speaking of chances, Nina feels she needs to take advantage of her opportunity, to be honest with Sonny before Ned Quartermaine exposes her. In Monday’s GH preview video, Nina tells Sonny, “Once you know, there is no turning back.” When asked how she got in touch with Martin and persuaded him to give the SEC her anonymous tip, Nina will be ready to answer.

General Hospital Spoilers June 19 2023 Welcome Eddie Maine, Ava is spying on her nanny
General Hospital Spoilers June 19 2023: Welcome Eddie Maine, Ava is spying on her nanny

Nina will learn about Ned’s peculiar condition before she can come clean, so she will need to find a different angle to cover things up. Nina will make up a lie to cover up the disappearance of her engagement ring and continue her relationship with Sonny.

Ned is aware that it is the year 2023 and that he is in the city of Port Charles at the moment. He simply insisted that his name is Eddie Maine and that he no longer addresses himself as Ned.

Who is Eddie Maine?

Ned’s rock star persona from the 1990s was Eddie Maine, and he has somehow transformed that persona into a man who is living in the present. Ned, aka “Eddie,” says in the Monday preview clip, “I do not know what the hell you are talking about.

Let’s support Ned or Is it Eddie now? 

Olivia, Tracy, and Brook will make an effort to remind Ned of who he is, but Ned will not remember any of the memories they hope to evoke. Will “Eddie” believe that Lois, Brook Lynn’s mother, is his wife?

There may be some intriguing directions to take with this tale because Alexis was once romantically involved with Ned as “Eddie’s Angel.” She might have to lecture Tracy or give Olivia some motivation because General Hospital spoilers indicate that someone will have to step up amid Ned’s crisis.

Stay with us for more information on what Ned and his loved ones should expect as a result of this Eddie twist because it sounds like it will change everything.

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  1. Believe it or not looking forward to Eddy Maine it’s nice for a change and to see him perform would be amazing and Alexis should be great as long as she remembers that he’s Olivia husband and maybe he will work with the singer Chase work with and Austin is going to far messing with Laura and Ava know better messing with Sonny I hope she do get caught serve her right when she could have went and told him what’s going on


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