General Hospital Spoilers July 20 2023: Gladys’ Alarm, Maxie’s Defense, and Esme’s Search

In the dramatic world of “General Hospital,” Thursday, July 20, promises a day of intense developments and intriguing storylines. As a delicate matter unfolds, Sam finds herself in the role of mediator, attempting to navigate through the complexities of the situation.

Tensions rise as Gladys becomes increasingly alarmed, and her concerns lead to questions about what might be troubling her. Maxie, in a bid to defend her friend. On the other hand, Esme’s quest for answers takes her down a path that may not be as welcoming as she anticipates.

Prepare for a day of suspense, alliances, and surprising discoveries in this captivating episode of “General Hospital”!  Get ready for suspense, drama, and surprising twists in this enthralling soap opera experience. Tune in to find out the whole story.

Clash of Feuds: Ava and Austin Face Off Over Mason’s Demise

Austin is a little bit more arrogant than he should be. GH spoilers indicate that Dex will now find a grisly discovery, so it appears that he will come across a body once more. That is typically slang for when someone shows up after dying on a soap opera.

We need to speculate about the identity of the body, assuming Dex does discover one somewhere. Based on some nearby spoilers for the same week, Mason appears to be a strong contender.

Sonny will witness an argument taking place on the same day that Dex makes this horrifying discovery. When their conflict with Mason becomes too intense, Ava and Austin may end up disagreeing about Mason’s demise.

Whatever the case, Sonny will give orders to Dex after discovering a body, so he could give Dex instructions on how to dispose of it. Around this time, Ava will also be required to explain herself, and she will then need the assistance of a former foe.

We will see Ava make a significant confession, so she might finally tell Sonny the entire unpleasant story and hope he will be willing to assist her and Austin.

Sasha’s Distress: A Terrifying Revelation

Gladys seems to be quite alarmed, but is she justified? Sasha was recently relieved of her guardianship and permitted to resume living independently as an adult. In the preview clip, Sasha can be seen crying and yelling in pain.

General Hospital Spoilers July 20 2023
General Hospital Spoilers July 20 2023

Sasha’s emotional and mental anguish worsens to the point where Sam realizes something is seriously wrong. Sam tries to move slowly and cautiously closer to Sasha. Despite this, Sasha seems to be focusing on something or someone else instead of Sam.

Additionally, Sasha is utterly terrified by it. The public is aware of Gladys’ concern for Sasha despite what she did to her. Let us see what transpires when Sasha implodes because Gladys always makes the wrong decision.

Esme’s Quest for Answers: Seeking Her Past

Esme will be curious about her past and the people she is connected to, even though it appears that she has not regained her memories yet. Esme is expected to demand information, so it sounds like she will visit Heather and question her.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Esme will push for information. Before Esme’s stay at Spring Ridge ended, Heather wrote her a letter, which was then delivered to the community. Esme may query Heather about what she wrote or request more information regarding a revelation made in the letter.

Esme may, of course, also question her biological mother about Ryan’s birth, Heather’s decision to adopt her, and anything else she knows about him. Esme will probably ask Heather for assistance because she appears to want to dig deeply into her past.

It will be interesting to see if Heather and Esme develop a sincere bond because it appears that Heather will assist Esme. Heather might offer Esme the support she needs right now and the maternal connection she craves, even though she currently does not feel like anyone is on her side.

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