General Hospital Spoilers July 14 2023: Gladys’ Desperate Actions, Kristina Faces a Cold Reception

In the upcoming episode of General Hospital on Friday, July 14, viewers can expect some intriguing developments. Kristina will find herself facing a chilly reception from someone, hinting at a strained relationship or conflict.

Meanwhile, Dante will be piecing together clues to form a theory, suggesting that he may be close to uncovering a mystery or solving a case. Gladys, who has been hiding secrets, may be running out of time as her actions become increasingly desperate.

Trina will be filled with strong emotions, possibly indicating an important revelation or a significant event in her storyline. Lastly, Mac will approach Sam and share an unexpected admission, potentially catching her off guard. Tune in to General Hospital to see how these storylines unfold.

Trina’s Emotional Rollercoaster: Revelations and Events Unfold

The others gathered in the waiting area, including Portia, and Trina, and they will hear good news. Curtis made it out of surgery, according to TJ, even though he may have had some tense moments when they thought they might lose him.

As Trina comes to terms with the possibility that Curtis will be okay, she will likely experience some intense feelings. There are many unanswered questions regarding Curtis’ condition and how his recovery will proceed, particularly given the possibility that his spine may have sustained damage.

Trina will not deny that she will feel relieved that Curtis survived and will have a chance to get to know her better, but she will also allow herself to feel that relief.

Dante’s Theory Unveiled: Clues Point to a Mystery Unraveled

When it comes to figuring out who was responsible for the incident at the Metro Court pool, Anna will be concerned that they have run out of leads.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Dante will present a wacky theory he has been working on Friday, July 14. Anna will be surprised by his updates, according to the GH spoilers.

Mac’s Unexpected Admission: Sam Caught Off Guard

Sam will probably be snapping at Mac in the meantime because she will claim that someone “scared the hell” out of her. It makes sense that Mac had a similar idea and interrupted her because a mystery man had put his hand on Sam’s shoulder when she was spying on Cody and Selina.

In the GH episode airing on Friday, Mac will confess to Sam, and during that conversation, he might admit that he has been monitoring Cody because he is worried that he is getting into trouble with Selina.

Cody will appear on Friday’s episode wanting to speak with Sasha because he recently received a troubling voicemail from her. Cody will object, saying that they do not need him right now, and Gladys will slam the door in his face.

Sasha’s Regret and Setback: Dealing with the Consequences

Sasha will then be concerned about how much of a mistake she made with the entire shoplifting incident. Security footage demonstrated that Sasha did indeed steal those clothes even though she did not recall doing so. Thankfully, Maxie was able to convince the shop to dismiss the charges, but Sasha will still feel terrible for making such a huge mistake.

General Hospital Spoilers July 14 2023
General Hospital Spoilers July 14 2023

When Nina asks Sasha about the setback, Sasha will divulge all. Nina will be surprised to learn that Sasha appears to want to inform the court of this, which would undoubtedly delay the termination of her guardianship.

Sasha might, however, believe that her inability to manage things on her own has just been demonstrated. Sasha does not understand that Gladys and Dr. Damon intentionally hurt her with that unique medication schedule.

Kristina’s Surrogacy Idea: Rebuffed and Worried

Since Kristina will reportedly be rejected in some way, according to other General Hospital spoilers, Molly might feel that now is not the time to talk about her plans for a child.

Kristina is getting the cold shoulder on Friday, July 14 according to General Hospital (GH) spoilers. Alexis Davis is concerned about Kristina’s plan to use a surrogate.

Sonny’s Guidance for Kristina: Stepping in to Help

Sonny will pressure Alexis to inform him of the severity of Kristina’s problems in the meantime. Sonny might be informed of Kristina’s surrogacy plan by Alexis, who may be concerned that it will go wrong. Alexis will rely on Sonny to guide Kristina in the right direction because he frequently serves as her sane voice of reason.

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