General Hospital Spoilers April 6 2023: Drama Unfolds as Characters Find Themselves in Tricky Situations

General Hospital is ready to bring in another day of thrilling drama for its viewers on Thursday, April 6th.

The episode is full of intense emotions as the characters find themselves in thorny situations that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

From Spencer’s relentless hatred towards Dex Heller to Brook Lynn’s run-in with Linc Brown, there are several plotlines to follow in the upcoming episode.

Now, keep reading to find out more about what to expect on Thursday’s General Hospital episode.

Spencer’s Childish Behavior Continues

Spencer Cassadine’s hatred for Dex Heller continues to cause trouble on Thursday’s episode. Josslyn Jacks will find herself in another argument with Spencer, who blames her for breaking Cameron Webber’s heart to be with Dex.

General Hospital Spoilers April 6 2023
General Hospital Spoilers April 6 2023

However, Josslyn will fire back at him, stating that Spencer has caused nothing but misery lately. Spencer’s behavior could lead to a potential threat to his relationship with Trina Robinson, who may be fed up with his childishness.

Trina’s Fierce Outburst

Trina Robinson will have a fierce outburst of her own on Thursday’s episode. She guesses that she was wrong about someone and may threaten to break up with Spencer.

Also, Trina may receive information about a side of Spencer that she finds unappealing, leading to her potentially ending their romantic relationship.

This news could put Spencer in damage-control mode.

Sam’s Suspicion about Someone’s Motives

Sam McCall will wonder about someone’s motives on Thursday’s episode. While sitting with Dante Falconeri and Cody Bell, Sam will ask why “she” would do something like that, making Cody uncomfortable.

This could tie in with Gladys Corbin, who may have sold Brando Corbin’s garage behind Sasha Gilmore’s back.

Gladys was warned by Cody to either tell the truth about the sale or face the risk of him revealing it instead. However, Gladys may plan to do something underhand at the last second to save herself.

Jordaan’s Instructions to Mac Scorpio

Jordan Ashford will give Mac Scorpio some instructions on Thursday’s episode. She will urge him to start with Victor Cassadine and find him to stop whatever plan he’s got in motion.

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Valentin Cassadine, who escaped a potential bullet, and Anna Devane’s lives are in danger. Victor needs the Ice Princess necklace, and he won’t stop until he gets it. Valentin’s rebellious side could put Anna in danger.

Brook Lynn’s Run-in with Linc Brown

Brook Lynn Quartermaine will land on Linc Brown’s bad side on Thursday’s episode. Despite her efforts to prevent Linc from interacting with Josslyn, he becomes hostile and accuses her of ruining a possible new client.

In the preview video, Linc manhandles Brook Lynn as he demands to know what happened. This could lead to major trouble for Brook Lynn.

GH Spoilers Thursday, April 6 – General Hospital 4-6-2023

GH Spoilers Thursday, April 6 – General Hospital 4-6-2023

Closing Words

General Hospital’s Thursday episode is all set to deliver a rollercoaster of emotions with its intriguing plotlines. The characters find themselves in tricky situations, and viewers can’t wait to see how they handle them.

The show will definitely keep the audience hooked and tied till the very end. So, guys don’t forget to tune in to General Hospital on Thursday, April 6th, to catch all the exciting action.

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