Is Steve Burton returning to General Hospital? Is the waiting time over?

Sit tight because we have brought something for you that you have been waiting for so long. By the way, you must know Steve Burton very well, but if anything is left, then we will tell you everything about it in detail.

And apart from this, you must have heard the name of General Hospital many times. We are not leaving it also but will give you all the information about him as well. You must have known about your favorite character Jason Morgan and the news of his departure was sad for you people.

Steve Burton: Who is he?

Jack Stephen Burton(Steve Burton) is an American actor best known for his roles as Dylan McAvoy on The Young and the Restless from 2013 to 2017 and Jason Morgan on General Hospital. He has been portraying this role for more than 20 years, making him one of daytime television’s most recognizable actors.

Additionally, Steve has been on other programs like “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Days of Our Lives.” Steve made his debut in both television and movies simultaneously and has portrayed a variety of roles. He is a multi-talented, versatile actor.

When and why did Steve Burton exit ‘General Hospital’?

Burton announced on August 28, 2012, that he would leave General Hospital in October. On October 6, 2016, Burton made the decision to end his relationship with the soap opera and to stop playing Dylan known via social media. For his work on The Young and the Restless in 2017, he was subsequently given another Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

Statement given by Steve Burton on Instagram: “Because of the mandatory vaccination law, General Hospital fired me. I did submit requests for my medical and religious exemptions, but both of those were turned down, which, you know, stings. But I also believe that this is a matter of personal liberty. No one should lose their job because of this, in my opinion.”

Is Steve Burton returning to General Hospital
Is Steve Burton returning to General Hospital? / Credit: ABC

Later on, calling the situation and life as challenging he said, “For my time there, I’ll always be appreciative. Long ago, it was my family. The local supporters have always treated me great, and I grew up there. However, as I said before, some doors closed and others opened to bring us to Beyond Salem. Wow.”

Is Steve Burton returning to ‘General Hospital’?

Yes, the actor will be resuming his daytime role in earnest. Well, it was the most awaited thing but the time has now finally come to celebrate his comeback.

Burton eventually disclosed Harris’ comeback date on his podcast, That’s Awesome with Steve Burton & Bradford Anderson, which he co-hosts with Bradford Anderson from General Hospital.

He confesses, “I believed it was March 16th,” which would have been the same day as Bo and Hope’s arrival, “but the actual day is March 20th. So make a calendar. Peacock! 20 March! It should be enjoyable. Finally, the time has come!”

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Jason Morgan – FAQs

Why did Jason leave General Hospital?

Steve Burton, who played Jason Morgan on General Hospital from its inception in 1992 until his termination due to the COVID vaccine requirement in November 2021. The vaccine obligation caused General Hospital to fire him.

Is it just a rumor or true that Jason is returning to General Hospital?

No, it is not a rumor. Steve Burton has confirmed his comeback on General Hospital.

How did Jason on General Hospital fare?

Jason received a proper soap opera send-off in his final moments on General Hospital. He ultimately perished while attempting to save his brother, Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison), when a tunnel caved in on him. Fans initially believed he was still alive because his body hadn’t been discovered, but he has already been officially pronounced dead.

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    • If this is true about Steve Burton returning it will be great. I loved him as Jason and the show hasn’t been the same since he left. General Hospital needs a boost. If only you could get rid of Nina. And why did they bring back Tracy? She is not needed on the show. Welcome back Steve. Don’t leave anymore.

  1. I am so happy to hear this as Jason is one of my favorite characters along with Sonny. I can’t wait for his return.

  2. Jason needs to come back and be with Elizabeth!! I have been watching old episodes of them and they have such great chemistry. They have been so close too many times.
    Jason comes back and he and Elizabeth get together!!!!!!

    • No to getting Elizabeth and Jason back together. But Elizabeth needs to gain some weight. She is way too skinny and Sam is getting that way too.Sorry ladies! Just let Jason come back to get Sonny back on track without Nina.

  3. I love General Hospital. I have watched it for years. I want Sonny to act like he use to not this character with Nina. And this with Ned being Eddie is stupid. And please stop with all the Cassandined coming back or rising from the dead. The writing was so much better in the past.

  4. The pairing of this Tricia and Spencer does not go together. This Trinia looks too young for him. And when are you ever going to let us know who the bad person is that is causing so much trouble for Eva?

  5. JASON NEEDS TO COME BACK TO. CARLEY. . Take over Sonnys business as his own. Nine an and Sonny can crawl back to HICKVILLE. AND BE GONE . Jason and Carley have a baby ,and she gets the hotel back no other partners . IN THE PERFECT WORLD ANYWAY .❤️????


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