Is Sasha on General Hospital Pregnant in Real Life?

General Hospital (and soap operas in general) can keep some things a secret until they want you to know about them. Others, however, are a little more difficult to prevent from escaping.

Although the show did a fantastic job of trying to keep it a secret, Sofia Mattsson’s secret falls into the second category. Or perhaps undercoats would be a better phrase!

The General Hospital wardrobe team did a fantastic job of keeping Sasha in a never-ending supply of long coats and flowy shirts, but that did not stop the fans from spotting it and speculating that Mattsson might be expecting her second child. You will also notice that it effectively prevented her co-stars from finding out.

2023: Is Sasha On General Hospital Pregnant In Real Life?

Yes, Shasha of General Hospital is pregnant in real life. The actress who portrays Sasha Gilmore on the ABC soap opera, Sofia Mattson, is pregnant and is expecting her second child with husband Thomas Payton, she announced on Instagram on 18th May 2023.

The couple’s first child, a boy, was born in July 2021.   

 To avoid ruining the surprise of Sasha’s pregnancy on the show, Mattsson hid her first pregnancy from the public until just two months before giving birth. Thus, we must admit that we are impressed that she exceeded that with only one month’s notice!

Chase, Sally, Cody, and Trina all chimed in:

Josh Kelly, who played Cody and frequently appeared alongside Sasha Mattsson, joined in on the “surprise” and mocked “Whaaaaat?!”

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The only response from Josh Swickard (Chase) was a single word. We believe it to have been a word. Maybe it is more of a sound. Mattsson, however, was giddy at the prospect of “So many fun playdates ahead” after hearing his “Gah!” Since Swickard’s son was born in February, the kids of the two celebrities will be old enough to get along.

Is Sasha on General Hospital Pregnant in Real Life
Is Sasha on General Hospital Pregnant in Real Life?

“You are glowing!” Tabyana Ali exclaimed to Mattsson. Katelyn MacMullen, whose co-star Willow had just recently given birth herself, expressed her happiness for the new mother. She also praised her, calling her “Beauty!”

She receives congratulations from Avery Pohl (Esme), Briana Lane (who has occasionally filled in for Brook Lynn over the past few years), Courtney Hope, and even Courtney Hope (Sally) from The Young and the Restless. However, Theo and Erik Olson, the twins who previously portrayed little Wiley, may have submitted the cutest ones. They wrote, “Aawww yay!!! Sofia, congratulations.

Is Sasha pregnant on General Hospital?

General Hospital viewers have been eagerly speculating about Sasha Gilmore’s pregnancy, and it now appears that the rumors have been verified. Sasha tells Lucy that she is indeed expecting a child in the episode of the well-known soap opera airing on May 13.

Many fans were shocked to learn that Sasha was expecting because the character has not been recently featured in any significant love triangle plots. Fans have started to speculate about the father of the child as word of her pregnancy has spread, though.

Brando Corbin seems to be the front-runner right now despite the abundance of options. The May 17th episode made Sasha’s pregnancy known, and it now seems that Brando is taking on parental duties.

Like in any soap opera, as Sasha’s pregnancy progresses, the story will undoubtedly take unexpected turns. It will be interesting to see how the General Hospital writers choose to approach this storyline and how the other characters on the show react to the information.

The future of the show will be significantly impacted by Sasha’s pregnancy, so fans can relax. Sasha is one of General Hospital’s most beloved characters, so fans who care about her character development will undoubtedly be paying close attention to her storyline.

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