Krista Allen’s Potential Return to General Hospital, Could She Be the Next Brenda Barrett?

Fans are abuzz with speculation as Krista Allen departs The Bold and the Beautiful, prompting discussions about her potential casting on General Hospital.

The intriguing notion of Allen taking on the iconic role of Brenda Barrett is gaining traction, adding a layer of excitement to the soap opera landscape.

Krista Allen’s Soap Opera Journey

Fans have been chatting about Krista Allen’s (Taylor Hayes) recent announcement that she was leaving The Bold and the Beautiful, according to spoilers for General Hospital (GH).

Everyone is wondering if Allen will be able to land a role on another soap opera after her contract was not renewed. While Allen informed Deadline that she was relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, she could always take a commuter train or return to Los Angeles in the event that a better offer materialized.

Is Allen someone GH should cast in a familiar role or should they give her a new one altogether? In 2021, Allen succeeded Hunter Tylo on B&B and gained a lot of fans as a Taylor Hayes replacement. She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy also.

Similarly, when Allen replaced Lisa Rinna on Days of Our Lives from 1996 to 1999, she was a huge hit as Billie Reed’s replacement. Put another way, if General Hospital chose to bring Allen to Port Charles as the character that viewers already know and adore, it would not be her first time back as a recast.

Krista Allen
Krista Allen’s soap opera legacy sparks speculation about her potential return to GH.

Behind-the-Scenes Developments

This leads us to a concept that has already begun to circulate on social media. If Brenda Barrett (formerly Vanessa Marcil) were to be recast, would Krista Allen be a suitable choice?

Vanessa Marcil reportedly gave her approval to recast the role when she made a post on TikTok back in May, declining an offer to return to the show.

Given that, it might be worthwhile to think about Allen as a possible successor. Brenda Barrett is the one person who could possibly wrest Sonny away from Nina and Carly, according to some viewers who believe she is his true love.

Maybe they should hire Allen and see if she can pull off Brenda returning to PC? There would be so much amazing drama involved! Undoubtedly, this is not the first time GH has cast a former cast member from another soap opera in a prominent role.

They did so rather recently when they cast Kate Mansi, who was formerly Abigail DiMera on Days, in the role of Kristina Corinthos-Davis, who had previously been portrayed by Lexi Ainsworth.

If Brenda Barrett were to be replaced by Krista Allen, what would you think? Consider whether Brenda needs to return to Port Charles.

According to General Hospital spoilers, some exciting things might be cooking behind the scenes. Check back often for updates on any significant casting announcements.

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