Mr. Brennan’s Sinister Ploy Threatening Donna to Manipulate Sonny at General Hospital

General Hospital (GH) faces an impending crisis as Mr. Brennan’s sinister ploy to coerce Sonny involves targeting Donna. With escalating tensions, Mr. Brennan’s interest in Carly’s daughter sets the stage for a potential kidnapping and a dangerous game of manipulation.

Spoilers for General Hospital (GH) state that Sonny recently declined to do business with Pikeman going forward, which presents a challenge for Mr. Brennan. Sonny rejected Roman’s extremely lucrative proposal, stating he would not allow any more shipments under any circumstances.

Considering this, Mr. Brennan understands he will need to exert additional pressure to secure Sonny’s willingness to cooperate. Making a major threat to one or more of Sonny’s family members is maybe the only surefire way to win him over.

To put it another way, Mr. Brennan might put someone Sonny cares about in danger and then pressure him to comply with his demands.

Since the hostage could be freed as soon as Sonny moved the shipment as he was supposed to, a kidnapping crisis would work in this situation. In the episode that aired on December 13, Mr. Brennan showed a particular interest in Donna in addition to getting to know Carly.

Coercive Tactics

Mr. Brennan’s return of Donna’s soccer ball, his purchase of her hot chocolate, and his remarks about how much she resembled Carly alarmed him. Since Donna is now in Mr. Brennan’s orbit thanks to the GH writers, big trouble may be on the horizon.

Is it possible that Mr. Brennan will use Donna as a means of coercion to get Sonny to comply? Easy enough would be for Mr. Brennan to order Donna to be kidnapped and held captive until Sonny gives in to pressure for the new shipment.

Donna might have to go through a terrifying ordeal, which would make Sonny feel bad about getting his daughter into this situation.

General Hospital
Mr. Brennan’s dangerous game with Donna sets the stage for high-stakes manipulation.

Mr. Brennan may use this as a chance to win Carly over and become her hero. While his men are holding Donna captive, Mr. Brennan might be able to pretend to be helping Carly solve the mystery of where Donna is and who is after her.

Naturally, Mr. Brennan will need to exercise caution and keep others from knowing what he is really up to, but eventually, Sonny might start to have doubts about him.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Donna and the dubious Mr. Brennan are already getting too close for comfort. Check back for updates on all the alarming developments.

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