Is Wally Kurth Leaving General Hospital?

There have been many rumors about Wally Kurth who plays Ned Quartermaine on the ABC daily soap General Hospital will be parting ways with the soap. Is Ned’s character coming to an end?

Veteran Actor Wally Kurth

Kurth was brought into the world in Billings, Montana. His previous marriages were to actresses Cynthia Ettinger and Rena Sofer, who played Lois Cerullo on General Hospital.

He has been married three times. Starting around 2003, he has been hitched to Debra Yuhasz, a corporate lawyer and the mother of his child Brogan George. He is most popular for his work on the drama General Hospital as the second Ned Ashton, which he played from 1993 until 2007.

Wally Kurth as Ned Quartermaine?

Ned Quartermaine on the ABC drama General Hospital has been played by a few actors but most notably by Wally Kurth. It has been on and off since 1991 nevertheless Ned Quartermaine is pretty popular and an important part of the show.

Ned is the son of British aristocrats Larry Ashton and Tracy Quartermaine. He heads up the Quartermaine privately-run company ELQ and handles individual family emergencies that emerge, procuring him the family epithet “Guard”. Ned has also had a rivalry with his cousin AJ Quartermaine for a long time.


General Hospital fans who have been staying aware of the show know that as of late Ned and Olivia recharged their marital promises. After Ned’s “slip” with Alexis, they were prepared to put an end to all of their issues. Notwithstanding, the most recent spoiler proposes that it is the main farewell. Ned is all set to say a very important woman in his life very hard goodbye. Tracy, his mother, is the only person here.

Why did the rumor start?

The viewers of General Hospital are aware that Tracy has recently returned to Port Charles. She came bearing the fresh insight about her better half, Luke’s destruction.

Port Charles met up to observe Luke’s life and offer their appreciation. Once more since now everything is said and done, it appears as though it’s when Tracy will leave. Indeed, this will be a very difficult farewell.

Is Wally Kurth Leaving General Hospital?
Is Wally Kurth Leaving General Hospital?

Wally Kurth stated in an interview with soap opera Digest that he and Tracy Quartermaine’s Jane Elliott had grown closer. Yet again the entertainer let the distribution know that Ned and Tracy’s characters are expressing farewell to each other. Nevertheless, Wally and Jane are probably present as well.

Is Wally Kurth Leaving General Hospital?

Fans of soap operas for a long time would be aware that Kurth and Elliot go way back. On Days of Our Lives, Kurth and Elliot were lovers. In 1991, Kurth replaced Kurt McKinney as Ned. The roles of Justin and Angelica were played by them.

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Since they have two offered farewells once more, Kurth says that at whatever point they express farewell to one another, they get miserable to see each other go. Because they do not know when they will see each other again, he describes it as a very strong and profound farewell. Indeed, this is a sad farewell. not only for Wally but also for everyone who likes General Hospital’s Tracy.

There has been no official confirmation of anything since the rumors came to light. Kurth’s recurring role on General Hospital is presumed to remain unchanged given that he continues to appear on Days of Our Lives.

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