General Hospital spoilers next week: December 5-9

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According to the recap from last week, Michael wants Willow to inform people that she is unwell following her most recent health crisis. Cyrus helps Spencer understand his Uncle Victor, and Nina realizes something due to Carly.

What prompts Sam and Sasha to spend time together to bond?

Given that Spencer rejects his father’s most recent attempt at reconciliation, it doesn’t appear like their relationship will improve any time soon.

Drew advances in his investigation of a mystery.

Josslyn is the target of an offer from Dex, but it seems the two don’t agree.

How bad of an issue is it when Willow needs medical attention?

The first glimpse at Harry and Meghan’s real-life love story as it is portrayed on television, including their fairy-tale wedding and other royal tribulations… “What happens behind closed doors is not seen by anyone.”

General Hospital spoilers for December 5, Monday:

It is understandable that Michael and Willow would become involved in a serious conversation, given everything going on in their life.

After realizing that she is living on borrowed time, Britt tells Austin about her future strategy. (Is it too late for the program to pair them together at last, as we’ve been pleading for ages?)

Longtime friends Laura and Robert believe they can solve a problem by working together.

Will Felicia give Valentin the details he’s pressing her for?

On Dex, Sonny exerts pressure. Will the younger man be able to maintain his composure?

For lovers of the Hallmark The Wedding Veil films, there’s still time for a honeymoon!

General Hospital spoilers for December 6, Tuesday:

Although Elizabeth has partnered with Nikolas somewhat reluctantly, when the going gets tough, she won’t hesitate to call Esme’s bluff!

Ava is as supportive of Trina as ever. Will the younger lady, however, pay attention to what she has to say?

Who is responsible for Spencer’s gift?

Jordan receives an invitation, while Alexis schedules a meeting with Curtis.

General Hospital spoilers for December 7, Wednesday:

It seems reasonable that the relative newcomer confides in Sam’s boyfriend, given that Dante and Cody have been friends for a long time. But what for?

General Hospital spoilers next week December 5-9
General Hospital spoilers next week December 5-9

Terry and Britt have gradually become more intimate. When Terry suspects something is wrong with her coworker, will Liesl’s kid speak up?

Victor gives a pleasant surprise.

Finn wants Nikolas to respond. He could be curious to learn more about why Liz and the Cassadine heir have been spending so much time together lately.

Felicia is going to get the brand-new cause for concern.

General Hospital spoilers for December 8, Thursday:

Sonny is ready to threaten someone, and they will become the target.

What is Martin trying to bring attention to when he is asked to create a distraction?

Will Elizabeth listen to Finn when he makes his case to her, or will she turn a deaf ear? Nikolas, her literal accomplice, is being questioned in the meanwhile.

When Ryan’s fascination, Ava, drops by for a visit, Christmas will arrive early for him!

General Hospital spoilers for December 9, Friday:

Sonny puts his partner on notice, and Dex appears to be on the fragile ground with him.

Carly has become tired of Nina’s constant interference in her affairs. So it stands to reason that Carly will be pretty furious if she learns that Sonny’s current girlfriend is making an effort to connect with Josslyn!

Finn is about to get shocked: and he might wish he could turn back the hands of time!

Spencer makes a snap judgment, which is undoubtedly incorrect, as is typical when this happens.

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