What happened to Lia Itzy? Fans are left heartbroken as Lia announces the break

The primary vocalist and sub-rapper for the well-known K-pop group ITZY is Lia. The rising artist launched her debut solo single, “Light You Up Like A Star,” and contributed singing and rapping to ITZY’s popular tracks, including “DALLA DALLA” and “Cheshire.”

Lia, a well-known K-pop idol from South Korea and vocalist for the band ITZY, broke the hearts of her fans when she said she was taking a career break.

The singer’s abrupt departure from the band, which she explained by citing health issues, has garnered media attention.

She wrote a heartfelt handwritten statement to her admirers on Instagram following the unexpected announcement. Read the article to know more.

Who is Lia Itzy?

Lia was born in Incheon, South Korea, on July 21, 2000, under the name Choi Ji-su. South Korean singer Choi Ji-su, also known by her moniker Lia (리아), was born on July 21, 2000. She is a part of the Itzy girl group from South Korea.

She went to North London Collegiate School in Jeju during a portion of her upbringing in Canada. 2019 saw her graduate from Seoul’s School of Performing Arts.

Lia passed her first audition with SM Entertainment, but she had to withdraw at the last minute because of a conflict with her parents. Lia completed two years of training and passed the JYP auditions in 2017.

Lia made her formal Itzy debut on February 12, 2019, when the digital single album It’z Different with the song “Dalla Dalla” was released.

Lia released “Blue Flower” for tvN’s Alchemy of Souls 2 in 2022 and “Always Be Your Star” for MBC’s The Red Sleeve in 2021.

JYP Entertainment declared on September 18, 2023, that Lia will be taking a leave of absence because of anxiety.

What happened to Lia Itzy?

Lia, a member of K-pop girl band ITZY, temporarily suspended all activities due to mental health issues.

ITZY’s agency JYP Entertainment announced that Lia is taking a hiatus from her scheduled activities due to extreme tension and anxiety.

The agency added that Lia will be undergoing counseling and examination to prioritize her mental and emotional well-being.

The agency further disclosed that medical professionals have advised that Lia needs stability and treatment during this challenging time and both the agency and Lia decided that her health should be the foremost concern.

The agency apologized for worrying fans and said they will continue to provide information on Lia’s health and possible comeback. Lia herself spoke with her fans directly on ITZY’s official Instagram account.

“I believe I’ve been through a lot recently. While our time together has been filled with cherished memories and joy, I’ve gradually realized that I’ve been losing myself in the midst of it all,” Lia wrote.

What happened to Lia Itzy
Lia Itzy

Lia acknowledged her fans’ persistent support and said she wanted to return their love and happiness.”You’ve always been more than anyone to me, and I simply want to give back love and happiness to you all.

To achieve that, I’ve come to the realization that I need to take a step back and prioritize self-love and healing,” she wrote.

JYP Entertainment’s official statement

Through ITZY’s official fan community, JYP Entertainment disseminated the news and released an official statement “We would like to inform you that ITZY member Lia underwent consultation and examination as she is experiencing extreme tension and anxiety. Doctors have advised her to take rest and undergo treatment until she fully recovers.”

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