What happened to Jackson as a Rookie? Twists and Turns in the Storyline

Titus, who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, has always felt in his heart that he was meant for the entertainment industry.

Because of his father’s military service, Titus was transferred around a lot during his childhood.

Titus took voice lessons in middle school and began dancing and singing in the elementary school talent show when he was nine years old, but he did not begin acting until his senior year of high school when he was seventeen.

Jackson West on the Rookie

Jackson West, in Season 3, describes the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance.
Jackson West, in Season 3, describes the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance

One of the main characters in The Rookie was Jackson West. He was a police officer, with the Mid-Wilshire Division as his assignment.

During seasons 1–2, Angela Lopez served as his training officer. Doug Stanton served as his training officer for episodes two through five of Season 3.

West received a promotion to Police Officer II in “Amber.” In most cases, West and his training officers covered the 7-Adam-07 beat. 33356 was West’s badge number.

Titus Makin played the role of him. West claims in “Pilot” to be the most prepared rookie cop in LAPD history. He seems to know the majority of penal laws and protocols by heart.

“The Switch” assigns West to Bradford, who finds out about his problems when he freezes in the middle of a shootout. With a “broken rookie” in tow, Bradford confronts Lopez angrily as she lets him go on patrol.

It is clear from “Caught Stealing” that West abides by the letter of the law rather than its spirit; Lopez corrects him by teaching him to be more lenient.

What happened to Jackson as a Rookie?

After being abducted from a wedding after season three of The Rookie, Jackson had a dramatic exit as he died. Season four’s opening episode disclosed that one of Sandra de la Cruz’s men killed Jackson.

After the third season of The Rookie, Titus Makin Jr.’s character, Officer Jackson West, abruptly left. Even though he gained a lot of fans, the actor surprised everyone in 2021 when he announced that he was leaving the role after a significant cliffhanger.

When Sandra de la Cruz’s (Camille Guaty) men abducted Jackon and Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) during Angela and Wesley’s (Shawn Ashmore) wedding, many people were on the edge of their seats.

Fans started to speculate about the officer’s death after he didn’t appear in any of the season four teasers or trailers, even though the ending didn’t hint at their demise or survival.

Why did Jackson West get killed by the Rookie?

In the weeks preceding the Season 4 premiere of The Rookie, fans began to notice that something was seriously wrong with the show. Officer Jackson West, portrayed by musician and actor Titus Makin Jr., vanished out of nowhere and had no explanation.

In the Season 4 premiere, “Life and Death,” Jackson was unceremoniously shot in the back, much like another character in the Season 5 finale.

The Season 3 finale left fans guessing about Jackson’s whereabouts, but Makin Jr.’s decision to leave was shocking—even though it wasn’t shocking at all.

The actor was candid about his internal debate about returning for Season 3, but he ultimately decided to do so after a heart-to-heart with showrunner Alexi Hawley.

That season’s plot was designed to allay his worries, particularly about the way law enforcement is portrayed on network procedurals such as The Rookie. It would still be his final season on the show, though.

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