Is Mary From Selling Sunset Pregnant? Mary Fitzgerald’s Emotional Journey

The first episode of “Selling Sunset” included an exciting event for one of the show’s most beloved stars, Mary Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald and her husband, Romain Bonnet, were expecting their first child together, which was a happy turn of events. Fitzgerald was overcome with excitement at this epiphany.

She is already a mother to her adult son, Austin, whom she had as a teenager. The important occasion provided an opportunity for the couple to rejoice and share their joy with as overjoyed friends.

Anticipation and a Glimpse of Happiness

“I’m really excited for her to have the experience she deserves.” She had Austin while she was a baby. “She’s traumatised as a result of that experience,” Amanza Smith says to the camera.

Amanza Smith, Fitzgerald’s close friend, expressed her delight for Mary as the couple excitedly awaited the arrival of their child.

Smith, like others, expected this pregnancy to be different from her previous experience as a teen mother. The excitement of approaching parenthood shone through, providing hope and optimism.

Is Mary from Selling Sunset pregnant? A Heartbreaking Revelation

No, Mary from Selling Sunset is no longer pregnant. Fitzgerald discovers later, at a doctor’s checkup, that no heartbeat was discovered during the ultrasound.

The highs and lows of life are frequently exaggerated on reality television. Mary Fitzgerald’s journey took a devastating turn as the season continued.

During a typical doctor’s appointment, an ultrasound revealed that no heartbeat could be found. Fitzgerald, who had previously suffered the agony of miscarriage, knew what this meant: another loss.

“It was heartbreaking, to say the least,” she says of her miscarriage to “I was just in shock.”

Mary Fitzgerald’s world came crashing down when she learned of her miscarriage. She explained that she suffered a septic miscarriage that necessitated surgery.

Following her miscarriage, Mary Fitzgerald shared her experience with her Instagram followers in a heartbreaking video. She revealed in the video that her miscarriage was septic, necessitating surgery.

Is Mary From Selling Sunset Pregnant
Mary Fitzgerald

A septic miscarriage is a rare but deadly illness in which an infection develops in the uterus following a miscarriage, causing symptoms like fever, chills, and lower abdomen pain.

Balancing Hope and Realism

“I honestly didn’t think I’d lose the child.” I was just so enthusiastic and focused on this new future, even though I had always known that possibility existed. I just don’t let my mind wander there.”

Mary Fitzgerald’s journey was distinguished by a delicate balance of hope and realism. Although she was aware of the potential of losing the baby, she claimed that her enthusiasm and focus on the future overwhelmed her anxieties.

This tug-of-war between optimism and the sad reality of a miscarriage is one that many women who have suffered similar losses may understand.

The Unseen Pain of Miscarriage

One in every four pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Miscarriage, while frequently taboo, is a reality for many women. Mary Fitzgerald’s willingness to tell her story emphasises the significance of discussing this difficult aspect of women’s life.

“I think guys handle things like that differently and I wanted to make sure I talked to them in the right way,” she said.

Grief is a very personal experience that each person handles differently. In the case of Mary Fitzgerald, she waited for the proper moment to inform her son and father about her miscarriage. Recognising that men may react differently to such news, she sought to ensure that the subject was handled with care.

Taking a Step Back from the Drama

“They are aware of how easily I become stressed.” “It irritates me because of all the girl drama,” she adds.

Reality television is sometimes loaded with drama and turmoil, and Mary Fitzgerald decided to move away from the show after her miscarriage. Fitzgerald believed that the producers recognised her need for a break and chose to isolate herself from the drama that frequently surrounds reality television. Her primary concerns were her health, her family, and her well-being.

“So, when I found out I was pregnant, I just decided it wasn’t worth it.” These ladies are mature. They’ve matured, and they can deal with their problems or disagreements.”

Mary Fitzgerald’s decision to resign from her post as CEO of The Oppenheim Group exhibited her dedication to her health, family, and job. Her expectations for the work were not met, therefore she chose to focus on her clients and her profession to reduce stress and focus on her well-being.

Support and Understanding from Co-Stars

“I heard something. I just didn’t want to get into the thick of it. I don’t get involved in other people’s business unless I’m meditating, so it was interesting to watch,” she laughs.

The cast of Selling Sunset banded together to support Mary Fitzgerald during this difficult period. Her co-stars, including Chrishell Stause, Emma Hernan, and Amanza Smith, stood by her side during her ordeal. Fitzgerald’s grief was aided by her empathy and compassion.

Mary Fitzgerald’s miscarriage experience has given her a positive attitude on life. She and her husband, Romain Bonnet, are thinking about having another child in the future.

As she continues to share her experiences with the public, Fitzgerald’s openness and perseverance shine through.

“When it comes to myself,” Fitzgerald says, “I’m pretty much an open person.” “However, if it’s someone else, such as someone in my family, I won’t be open about it because that’s not my style. It’s not my position to just talk about someone else.”

Mary Fitzgerald’s openness regarding her personal experiences reflects her straightforward character. She is open about her path while also respecting her family members’ privacy. Many people find inspiration and solace in her openness to share her tale.

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