Is Ariana Madix still on Dancing With the Stars?  Shocking Twist Sparks Controversy

In a frenzy of dancing, stardom, and surprising twists, Ariana Madix continues to leave an everlasting impact on “Dancing With the Stars.” Madix’s adventure develops with shocks that fascinate and keep fans guessing as the battle heats up.

Madix navigates the stage with elegance and tenacity from spectacular performances to surprising twists on the dance floor. Each step she makes becomes a chapter in a narrative full of highs and lows, as well as the unexpected nature of live performances.

The stage is prepared, the crowd is waiting, and Madix’s dance evolves into a story of passion, skill, and unexpected moments that characterize her journey on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Ariana Madix: Who is she?

Ariana Madix, best known for her role on Vanderpump Rules, is a versatile personality who has worked as a barmaid, actor, model, and author. Madix expressed her ambitions in a 2023 interview with Us Weekly, claiming a wish to acquire a home, pursue a Broadway career, and host a dating program in the future.

Notably, she was in a relationship with Tom Sandoval from 2014 until 2023, but their highly publicized separation, dubbed “Scandoval” by the media, happened following reports of Sandoval cheating on co-star Raquel Leviss.

Madix is now in a long-distance relationship with fitness coach Daniel Wai of New York City, whom she met at a friend’s wedding in Mexico. Madix revealed that she is bisexual in 2020, adding another depth to her public character.

Is Ariana Madix still on Dancing With the Stars?

Yes, Ariana Madix is still on “Dancing With the Stars.” She recently performed on the show, which you can watch in the video clip ( link given below). She performed with her dancing partner, Pasha Pashkov.

She reclaimed the lead in the competition in the most recent update. Xochitl Gomez of Marvel got the season’s first flawless score for an individual dance, but Madix maintained her lead with a nearly perfect Paso Doble and three bonus points from the previous week.

During Whitney Houston night, guest judge Billy Porter, from “Pose,” started the event with a live performance of Houston’s 1985 smash “How Will I Know.”

Madix and her partner Pasha Pashkov performed a spectacular Paso Doble to ‘Queen of the Night,’ garnering 10s from everybody save Inaba. Madix not only got bonus points but she was also excused from next week’s dance-off, cementing her strong position in the competition.

Is Ariana Madix still on Dancing With the Stars
Ariana Madix

Here, you go for the recent performance of Ariana Madix on DWTS:

Ariana Madix Dominates Competition

Ariana Madix has been a notable performer on Dancing With the Stars Season 32, routinely garnering high ratings each week. However, she cemented her status as the dancer to beat on Tuesday night.

Madix’s opponents, including musician Jason Mraz and Marvel actress Xochitl Gomez, have a difficult battle as the competition approaches the second half of the season.

During the music video round, Jason Mraz sang “Take on Me” by A-Ha, while Xochitl Gomez performed “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani. Despite their efforts, neither could compete with Madix, who hit the stage channeling Britney Spears and completely dominated the competition.

Madix’s exceptional dance abilities and compelling performance have elevated her to a formidable force in the Dance With the Stars competition.

Ariana Madix Nails Britney Tribute on DWTS

Ariana Madix and her dance partner, Pasha Pashkov, wowed the audience on Dancing With the Stars with a cha-cha-cha to Britney Spears.

Madix not only nailed the choreography brilliantly while remaining loyal to Spears’ original steps, but she also embraced the Britney appearance.

She wore her hair in a sloppy bun, wonderfully smeared eyeliner, and the classic knotted pink shirt from the original video.

Madix’s performance’s attention to detail, both in terms of choreography and visual presentation, led to the dance’s viral success. Fans shared their delight and love for Madix’s performance on social media, emphasizing her commitment to honoring Britney Spears.

One admirer characterized the incident as “so fucking major,” especially given Madix’s longtime admiration for Britney. The performance on Dancing With the Stars became a highlight and unforgettable moment, showing Madix’s ability and passion for paying tribute to her musical inspiration.

Here, you go for Ariana Madix’s performance on Cha Cha:

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