Drew and Jonathan Scott, The Renovation Rebels Shake Up HGTV with New Shows

Drew and Jonathan Scott, HGTV’s resident troublemakers, are back with three new shows that aim to revolutionize the field of home entertainment in the ever-expanding world of home improvement.

Get ready, people: the Property Brothers are not just selling houses; they are also changing the storyline, the birdhouse, and most likely a pancake or two.

With their longtime Warner Bros. Discovery-owned cable home, “Backed by the Bros.” and “Do not Hate Your House With the Property Brothers,” both working titles, the immensely popular home-reno and real estate siblings have set two new series.

The fourth season of the brothers’ well-liked show “Celebrity IOU” has been renewed by HGTV. The three shows starring “Property Brothers” are scheduled to premiere in 2024.

The tagline for HGTV’s “Backed by the Bros.” states that “the guys will offer their invaluable insight and resources to help inexperienced entrepreneurs find success with their high-stakes investment properties.”

The Scott brothers “will find a way to fix problematic homes for frustrated families who desperately want to love their house,” according to their description for “Do not Hate Your House.”

Additionally, Drew and Jonathan announced that a new season of Celebrity IOU will air soon. The brothers worked with celebrities like Emma Roberts, Taraji P. Henson, and Heidi Klum in the previous season to give their loved ones a home makeover. We anticipate that the upcoming lineup will be equally impressive!

Drew and Jonathan Scott, The Renovation Rebels Shake Up HGTV with New Shows
Drew and Jonathan Scott

Fans can stream the numerous shows that the Scott brothers have produced over the course of their decades-long partnership with HGTV (which was recently renewed for three more years last fall) while they wait for the new shows.

These titles include “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” “Brother vs. Brother,” and previous seasons of “Celebrity IOU,” all of which are currently available on Max and Discovery+.

After the Property Brothers announced their news on Instagram, fans were overjoyed to hear it. Many said they are “so happy” that they will be tuning in and saying things like “HALLELUJAH.” A commenter said, “I am sure the new shows will be great, I love all of your shows.”

Many people also asked about their other shows, Property Brothers: Forever Home and Brother vs. Brother, and whether they planned to keep doing any of them. The most recent seasons of both programs debuted in 2023.

Let us hope that those shows get renewed for more seasons soon! We have no doubt that the Property Brothers will remain occupied in the interim, pursuing their interests, which will undoubtedly include contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott have big plans for 2024. As you read this, The Property Brothers revealed that they will be appearing in two brand-new HGTV shows and that they will be back for a brand-new season of Celebrity IOU, both of which will premiere in 2019.

There is more to the story; actor Jonathan Deschanel proposed to her this year, so he might have a wedding to organize.

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