Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Weeks August 7 – 11: Gwen’s Discovery, Chanel’s Trouble, and Shawn’s Guilt

In the eventful week of August 7-11 on Days of Our Lives, secrets are set to unravel, and romances are on the horizon. Maggie Kiriakis will learn about Sarah Horton’s pregnancy with Xander Cook’s child, leading to shocking revelations.

At Bayview, Marlena Evans encounters a startling sight involving Ava Vitali. Shawn Brady returns to work with mixed emotions, while Gwen Rizczech discovers Leo Stark’s hidden lover.

Chanel Dupree faces troubles at Sweet Bits, and Brady Black’s unexpected move leaves Belle Brady fuming. Additionally, Rex Brady has a proposition for Sarah, and Paulina Price makes a heartfelt plea tied to Abe Carver’s future.

Maggie Uncovers Sarah’s Secret

Maggie will finally learn Sarah’s big secret, according to Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Weeks August 7 – 11. Maggie will realize Bonnie has been hiding this information as well once she learns Sarah is expecting a baby named Xander.

Marlena will see something amazing at Bayview. Since Ava will reportedly need to be put under sedation at some point, this could result in her experiencing hallucinations and having an outburst.

However, Days spoilers indicate that Ava will be healthy enough to spend some time bonding with Harris, allowing them to establish a friendship and perhaps lay the foundation for a future relationship.

Shawn Returns to Work with Guilt

Shawn’s suspension is over, and DOOL fans can anticipate him returning to work. That will make Shawn feel worse, particularly if he is given the position of police commissioner when he returns.

According to Days spoilers, Shawn will experience conflicting feelings about his new position; as a result, he might feel bad about accidentally firing Rafe and then potentially taking over his position.

Gwen Discovers Leo’s Secret Lover

Gwen will then understand that Leo is trying to keep his lover a secret from her. It is possible that Gwen visits Leo’s room at the Salem Inn and discovers that he is got another man there.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Weeks August 7 - 11
Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Weeks August 7 – 11

Gwen might interpret that as a signal to leave, but she will also be perplexed as to why Leo is keeping so much of the new man in his life a secret. Fans of DOOL are aware that this is happening because Dimitri wants to conceal his secret romance while continuing to manipulate Gwen.

Chanel Faces Trouble at Sweet Bits

Chanel will address a problem at Sweet Bits, according to Other Days spoilers. Because harsh Clint is still serving as acting mayor, Chanel’s bakery might once again be shut down as a result.

In any case, Johnny will be relied upon by Chanel in the aftermath, which might present an opportunity for these ex-lovers to mend fences.

Paulina’s Heartfelt Plea to Abe

Tripp has a significant gift in store for Wendy, and Paulina will make a moving appeal that ties into Abe’s future.

Paulina will likely try to persuade Abe to return to the apartment, but she may enlist assistance from a third party to accomplish this.

Brady’s Unpredictable Move and Belle’s Reaction

Brady’s unexpected kiss on Chloe will make her unprepared. Belle might become enraged by that action given that she will later square off against Chloe. Chloe may face accusations from Belle that she is playing Brady for a fool or that she is solely to blame for the current custody dispute.

Brady will have to agree to the modified custody arrangement because Kristen is now in charge, which means he can only visit Rachel under supervision.

Chad will thank EJ

Chad will express his appreciation for EJ’s advice, but it is probably not a good idea to follow his troublesome brother’s advice.

Chad might make a pitch and try to entice Yuri back to Titan after Stephanie successfully persuades Yuri to return to Salem.

That might put Alex’s new Basic Black contract in jeopardy, which is possibly why Stephanie later engages Chad in a combative exchange.

Days of Our Lives promises an eventful and gripping week of August 7-11 as secrets are exposed and relationships are tested.

With secrets unraveled and romances blooming, the residents of Salem are in for an emotional rollercoaster. Stay tuned to SoapAsk for all the thrilling DOOL spoilers, news, and updates as the captivating storylines continue to unfold.

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