Days of Our Lives Spoilers next two Weeks: Megan’s cover might blow up, Will Gwen say yes? 

Days of Our Lives We are in a frenzy over the upcoming two-week spoilers. Over the following two weeks, a lot will happen. From a dramatic party crasher to some new relationships and marriage proposals.

Oh no, just as I am about to leave, someone comes back.

Rafe and Jada finally!

Rafe and Jada will have their first kiss, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers for the two weeks from June 26 to July 7. As Jada and Rafe allow themselves to take that steamy step, the week of June 26–30 will get off to an explosive start.

In the meantime, Harris’ second attempt to kidnap Megan will not go as planned. Harris will be knocked unconscious by Li, who will then make sure he is taken to Dr. Wilhelm’s lab for brainwashing.

Chloe or Gwen – Xander

When Xander finds out that Dimitri Von proposed to Gwen, he will be shocked. But it appears that Xander will ultimately decide that it is none of his business and instead decide to put his attention on his future with Chloe.

They will eventually sizzle in bed and cuddle once they are done, despite Chloe’s resistance to sleeping with Xander.

Date night

Wendy and Tripp’s romantic evening will be ruined by Johnny. Tripp, naturally, will not let it stop him from pursuing Wendy and attempting to persuade her that he is the only man she requires.

Oh no, Abe

Abe’s situation will appear hopeless given Whitley’s fabricated evidence and the lies she has Jerry tell the police. Eli will think Abe has fallen into the water near the docks, but when he goes diving for him, he will not find him.

Paulina is about to learn some heartbreaking news that will make Eli worry that Abe did not make it.

Harris creates chaos

Harris, who has been reprogrammed, will crash parties during the week of July 3–7. Days spoilers indicate that once Harris makes a surprise appearance at Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party, there will be a lot of drama. 

Days of Our Lives Spoilers next two Weeks: Megan's cover might blow up, Will Gwen say yes? 
Days of Our Lives Spoilers next two Weeks: Megan’s cover might blow up, Will Gwen say yes? 

Li will be caught by Rafe spying nearby, and after questioning him, Rafe will conclude that Li was involved in Harris’ plot to kill Stefan.

Megan might be in trouble

Megan’s depraved scheme will eventually be exposed and foiled when the truth is revealed. Li will likely blame Megan for involving him in this mess even though Stefan and Gabi will have the opportunity to put him on the spot as well.

Leo finds out…

Leo will also make a stunning discovery when he discovers EJ and Kristen in the DiMera secret room, which will put an end to Megan’s entire scheme.  It looks like EJ will join forces with Kate Roberts in hopes of ending Megan for good, but Megan seems poised to escape and ride off into the sunset – at least for now!

Eric supports Nicole

Nicole will rely on Eric for support after experiencing a mild pregnancy scare. Nicole will rant about how EJ abandoned her when she most needed him and then cry in Eric’s arms. 

Of course, Nicole will undoubtedly change her mind once she learns that EJ was taken hostage, of course. despite going through a challenging ordeal, Nicole would never have been left hanging like that on purpose.

Someone’s coming back!

Lani’s unexpected homecoming to DOOL, according to Other Days spoilers, will undoubtedly cheer Paulina up. Lani will manage to get out of prison and will reunite with Eli just in time for an anniversary celebration in Salem.

Paulina is a reliable confidante, but is she?

She will convey her condolences to Paulina when she is back with Whitley and hope that she can keep all of her Abe secrets under wraps. The fact that Jerry will run into the real Theo and see how much pain he is experiencing could make that challenging due to Jerry’s guilty conscience.

Abe will undoubtedly be shocked when he sees Theo, according to Days spoilers, so Jerry’s guilt may cause him to arrange a real father-son reunion.

Shawn will be drinking again when Belle is there, and she will be concerned about the direction he is taking.

Will she say yes?

Will Gwen give Dimitri the information he wants to hear when she finally has an answer to his marriage proposal? We will see if Megan’s abrupt departure has any effect on Dimitri, who is counting on a yes so that he can get married to Gwen as soon as possible and inherit the Von Leuschner fortune.

Keep an eye out for some exciting twists and turns in the upcoming two weeks, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers.

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