Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Sloan’s Confession, Philip’s Return, and Paulina’s Proposal Shake Salem

The two-week drama on “Days of Our Lives” (DOOL) from August 21 to September 1 will be intense. Salem’s citizens will be on the edge of their seats as paternity revelations, unexpected returns, and complex secrets take place.

Philip’s return upends lives, and Sloan’s effort to come clean about what happened takes an unexpected turn.

Relationships are thrown off balance by unforeseen encounters and complicated secrets that come to light. Paulina’s proposal, in the meantime, triggers a series of choices that might alter relationships and careers.

Sloan’s Conundrum: Paternity Fraud Drama

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, August 21 to September 1, Sloan will get ready to tell Eric the truth regarding the paternity fraud.

Sloan will almost admit that Eric is the father of Nicole’s baby during the week of August 21–25, but things will change unexpectedly.

That is because Sloan will experience excruciating cramps that will drive her to the hospital, where she will immediately pass out upon arrival.

Kayla will check Sloan in and admit her; she will then quickly inform Sloan’s mother of the outcome of her pregnancy. Sarah will persuade Xander that he is mistaken about believing that she is carrying his child while they are arguing.

Instead of Rex being the biological father, Sarah will reassure Xander that he is. However, she will later admit to lying to someone.

Philip’s Return Shakes Up Lives

Chloe, who recently got engaged, will be shocked when Philip returns home to be with his grieving family. Chloe will undoubtedly have many questions now that she knows Philip is still alive, so he will try his best to address them during the week of August 28–September 1.

To catch up with Philip, Kate Roberts will also have an opportunity. As a result, she will be concerned about what will happen when Brady learns the truth.

Brady was made to take the fall by Philip, who made it seem like he faced a doomsday situation.

Belle Black will implore Brady to be gentle with Philip because it was a crazy scheme that resulted in Philip ending up in a mental hospital. Brady will decide whether or not to file charges, while Kate will be concerned about a different son.

Unforeseen Encounters and Complex Secrets

To decide what this means for their future together, Johnny and Chanel will discuss their similar emotions, according to Other Days spoilers.

Gwen will interfere with a rather intimate scene between Dimitri and Leo while they are in Iceland, but it seems they will be able to hide it.

For Victor’s memorial service, Theresa and Sonny will undoubtedly be in attendance, as well as some other familiar faces.

Leo and Sonny will run into each other while Sonny is back in Salem, and Sonny may question Leo about his love life. Leo needs to exercise caution when discussing Dimitri because he is currently having an affair with a married man once more.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

To find out Dimitri’s secret, Gabi and Stefan are looking for hints. As a result, they might be about to make a significant inheritance-related discovery.

Although Leo will have a risky plan that he hopes will solve all of their problems or at least the majority of them, Dimitri’s question about the legality of his marriage will become a significant one.

Paulina’s Proposal Shakes Things Up

The next proposal from Paulina is probably to overturn Clint’s choice and reinstate Rafe as police commissioner. Rafe might need to dump Jada or at the very least bring their romance back to being a secret, and that might be the catch.

Rafe might decide that it would be better to find a new career path and hand the police commissioner position over to Jada.

After receiving some insightful counsel from Steve, Abe will revise his perspective. Days spoilers reveal that Abe will ask Paulina if she would like to go on a date, and she will be delighted to advance their relationship.

Mini Spoiler

EJ will experience a nightmare while back in Salem that he interprets as a warning sign of some kind. That might be related to Susan given that EJ and Tripp are about to engage in a contentious argument.

Although it may seem as though Susan’s fate is sealed, EJ will not necessarily react negatively to Ava costing his mother her life.

Susan’s survival may be related to some claims Ava will make at Bayview that the staff will find hard to believe. Ava will experience some visions and confusion, which will ultimately cause her to worry that she is spiraling out of control once more. Following Days spoilers, Harris will embrace Ava and try to comfort her.

Kate will worry that Rex will only be devastated once she learns that Rex proposed to Sarah and has plans to play the role of a devoted father.

It sounds like there will be a baby-related emergency because DOOL spoilers state that Sarah will eventually be taken to the hospital.

Shawn will experience a severe decline as long as he indulges in drinking and spirals out of control. Keep checking back to find out what exactly that will mean for Shawn as rock bottom approaches.

When Alex thinks about Victor’s passing and what it means for the Kiriakis family, he will feel bad. The possibility that Alex will soon return to the family business and thus complicate his relationship with Chad exists. Alex might regret leaving the family business.

Last but not least, Dick Van Dyke will make his guest star debut in a mysterious new role on September 1, so DOOL fans will be curious to find out more about his character’s memory problems and how he will fit in with the ongoing storylines.

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