Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Philip’s Return, Shawn’s Struggle, and Kristen’s Close Call

The next two weeks in Salem are brimming with drama, surprises, and intense emotions. Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans are in for a treat as new storylines unfold, relationships are tested, and secrets threaten to be revealed.

From unexpected returns to romantic endeavors and clashes among characters, the upcoming episodes promise a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Let’s delve into the intriguing spoilers for the forthcoming Days of Our Lives episodes.

Philip’s Dramatic Return

Philip will cause a stir with his most recent return to Salem, according to Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from August 28 to September 8.

Since Philip unexpectedly showed up alive in the middle of the week of August 28–September 1, Chloe will experience a fainting spell.

When Brady sees Philip, he will be astounded as well, and he will hug him until he finds out about Philip’s faked death and the prison plot.

Brady’s Astonishment and Anger

Days spoilers indicate that Brady will ultimately punch Philip and threaten to call the police as his rage flares up.

There is no doubt that Philip will repent of his actions and try to right the wrongs. Philip has received mental health treatment, but if necessary, he is prepared to go to jail.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

Belle Black will try her hardest to persuade Brady not to file a complaint, though. Between his mental health issues and the unexpected death of his father, Victor, Philip may have had enough.

Shawn’s struggle to accept Victor’s death

In addition to Bo’s coma and everything else going wrong in his life, Shawn will find it difficult to deal with the outcome of Victor.

Shawn appears to be thinking about killing himself, but someone needs to intervene to keep him from taking his own life.

Theresa’s surprise visit to Salem will surprise him now that he is back with Brady. Days spoilers indicate that Theresa will stop by Brady to check on him and see how he is adjusting to losing Victor, giving them a chance to get back together.

Kristen’s Close Call at the DiMera Mansion

Kristen will say something at the DiMera mansion that almost reveals Dimitri’s forgery of a marriage and his liaison with Leo.

It looks like the barrister Elliot, who is in charge of ensuring that Dimitri’s marriage is legal so that he can receive his inheritance, will have to make a close call.

While this is going on, Stefan will make an effort to persuade Rachel to complete the 20-question game she began with Gabi.

Uncle Stefan will make an effort to be cordial and persuade Rachel to divulge the information Kristen is hiding about Dimitri.

Encouragement from Steve and Paulina’s Surprise

Abe will receive some encouragement from Steve before Paulina receives a wonderful surprise.

Paulina anticipates that when Abe asks her out on a date, it will be the beginning of her reconciliation with her husband.

Paulina might decide that even if she is unable to trigger Abe’s memory, she can still enchant him and perhaps win him back.

Rafe will then make a significant professional decision after Paulina updates the audience. Rafe might opt to back Jada’s advancement rather than pursue the opportunity to be reinstated in his position as police commissioner.

The mysterious patient

Dyke will play a mysterious patient at the hospital who does not know his name and is having trouble putting the pieces of his life together.

For the most part, Marlena will take charge of assisting this intriguing character in uncovering his past. To help solve the mystery, Marlena will enlist Steve and John’s assistance during the week of September 4–8.

John and Steve will learn some details that might enable them to identify this man. Doug and Julie Williams will also meet Van Dyke’s character, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can spark any surprising memories for him.

Maggie’s CEO Proposal and Xander’s Job Offer

Maggie may insist that Xander take over as Titan’s CEO or at the very least act as interim CEO while she grieves for Victor because he will respond to a job offer across town.

Even though that proposal seems appealing, Xander might still be hesitant to leave The Spectator, especially since Chloe works there.

Sonny might not agree with Maggie’s suggestion, though, as he and Xander will engage in a contentious argument close to the time of Victor’s funeral.

According to Days spoilers, Alex will eventually take over as Titan’s CEO in the not-too-distant future, so Maggie might choose to work with him as a fallback.

Also occupied will be Maggie’s efforts to persuade Sarah to reveal the father of her unborn child. We will see if Xander has any influence over the impending delivery since Sarah will eventually go into labor.

Tripp and Wendy’s Romantic Evening Attempt

Another attempt at a romantic evening alone will be made by Tripp and Wendy at the Salem Inn.

Will Wendy and Tripp make out for the first time, or will they once more be interrupted? We should point out that Ava is about to go through another crisis at Bayview, where Harris will unintentionally make matters worse by attempting to assist.

Rafe may be able to assist in some situations since DOOL spoilers indicate that he will learn about some of the drama occurring at Bayview.

Tripp may receive a call about Ava’s most recent tantrum. That may result in Tripp abandoning Wendy once more, or it may at the very least change the atmosphere of their evening and thwart their intentions to make out.

EJ’s Intentions and Ava’s Claims

Though he probably would not care even if he did, EJ does not believe Ava’s claims of mental illness. EJ will proceed with his plan to eradicate Ava from the face of the earth because he thinks she is to blame for Susan’s demise.

Any grisly schemes will have to wait because Johnny will find a way to prevent EJ from getting his revenge! It’s a good thing, too, since all signs point to Susan being alive.

Ava’s Memory Flash and Susan’s Survival

Ava will experience some sort of memory flash, which might cause her to recall that Susan might have survived the crash.

To shake things up in Salem, Vivian Alamain will finally make a comeback. Following Victor’s funeral, Stefan’s mother shows up and quickly brings about chaos at the DiMera mansion.

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, there will be lots of exciting news over the next two weeks, so be sure to tune in!

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