Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 28: Chloe’s Shocking Collapse, Philip’s Deception Exposed

On Monday, August 28, enter the enthralling “Days of Our Lives” world, where shocking revelations and twists are waiting.

The episode promises to deliver a roller-coaster of emotions and captivating storylines, from unexpected reunions to unsettling secrets.

As soon as Chloe sees Philip, she has a sudden fainting spell, which triggers a series of events that reveal his shocking deception.

The drama that is currently playing out is further complicated by Shawn’s opposition to therapy and Rex’s news of his engagement.

Another round of heart-pounding moments is set to occur as Sarah experiences unexpected pain and Xander rushes her to the hospital.

Prepare for a compelling episode that reveals Salem’s complex web of relationships and motivations.

Chloe’s Fainting and Philip’s Revelation

According to Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for August 28, Chloe will pass out now that she has let Philip in. Philip will rush to Chloe’s assistance when she faints and then hope that she is okay after his shock.

Chloe will not be happy about any of that because she will regain consciousness and discover the entire gruesome truth about how Philip faked his death to frame Brady.

Philip will reassure Chloe that he received mental health treatment and has changed as a result, though. Philip will acknowledge that he also wants to see Chloe after explaining that he needs to return home for Victor’s funeral.

Insincere in his desire to make amends, Philip will apologize for veering off course. Days spoilers indicate that Philip will be ready to accept responsibility for his actions and that he will inform Chloe of this before turning to leave.

Another incredible reunion is about to happen because Brady will arrive unannounced at that time and gasp when he sees Philip.

Shawn’s Resistance and Rex’s Engagement

In the meantime, Shawn will object to Belle Black’s idea about going to an AA meeting with Brady. In addition, Shawn will divulge his decision to stop seeing Marlena for therapy.

As Shawn rejects help from the people who care about him, Rex will give Kate Roberts updates on some huge news.

Days spoilers say Rex will fill Kate in on his engagement to Sarah, so her pregnancy may eventually become part of the conversation.

Sarah’s Pain and Xander’s Support

Fans of DOOL can anticipate alarm bells going off in Kate’s head because she will be concerned that Sarah will ultimately just reunite with Xander.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 28
Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 28

According to Days spoilers, Sarah may feel pressured to tell Xander the truth about the baby’s father while they are at the Kiriakis mansion.

Unfortunately, Sarah will not have the opportunity because she will be dealing with some unexpected pain. When Sarah finally collapses from pain, Xander will take her immediately to the hospital so she can be examined.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Xander will exert every effort to help Sarah, who will eventually have a physical examination while fretting about her unborn child.

Nina and Ava’s Complex Relationship

In the episode from August 22, Nina provided updates to her BFF and hoped that her nightmare was coming to an end. Nina insisted that nobody would ever need to know that she turned in Carly and Drew as long as her “beautiful, intelligent friend” remained silent.

Naturally, Nina was treating Ava like she was laying it on very thick, which made that particular moment feel like a major anvil.

We have to take into account the possibility that Ava will ultimately bring about Nina’s demise because she also responded in a somewhat peculiar manner.

Despite their troubled pasts, Nina and Ava have come to understand one another as complex women who make mistakes but work to overcome them. Although it has been nice to see Ava and Nina confide in one another, their relationship might not be healthy.

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