Days of Our Lives Spoilers March 17: Escape Plan Foiled and Reunions in the Works

Days of Our Lives fans have been on the edge of their seats as the show’s latest storyline unfolds. On Friday, March 17th, the episode promises to be filled with twists and turns. 

Are you ready to know what will happen today in the Days of our Lives? No more waiting, just scroll down!

Marlena and Kayla’s Escape Plan Blocked

Fans of the show have been rooting for Marlena Evans and Kayla Johnson’s escape from the lab they’ve been stuck in. However, in the upcoming episode, their plan will hit a snag.

Dr. Wilhelm Rolf, the man behind the new serum, will block their path to freedom. With their escape plot failing, it remains to be seen how they will get out of the lab.

Kate Roberts Brady Runs into Bo Brady

Kate Roberts Brady will have a shocking encounter with Bo Brady at Megan’s facility. However, Bo doesn’t seem like himself and has likely been brainwashed.

Kate will undoubtedly have plenty of questions, but will she be able to get any answers?

John and Steve Meet Hope Williams Brady

Hope Williams Brady will be the person on the other side of the door that Steve Johnson and John Black just got open. Although they will initially point their guns at her, they will soon realize that Hope isn’t a threat.

Hope has a secret source of information that led her to Megan’s possible hideout, and she will be curious about Steve and John’s source of info as well.

Sad News for Hope

John and Steve will fill Hope in on the deaths of Marlena, Kayla, and Kate after Megan’s orchid theft. It’ll be heartbreaking news for Hope, and it will make her understand why Steve and John are so determined to take Megan down.

Andrew and Paul’s Romantic Reunion

In San Francisco, Paul Narita will invite Andrew in for an unexpected visit. This will provide Andrew and Paul with an opportunity to talk about the current state of their romantic relationship.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers March 17 Escape Plan Foiled and Reunions in the Works
Days of Our Lives Spoilers March 17: Escape Plan Foiled and Reunions in the Works

Although they faced some complications when they first tried a long-distance relationship, they may be ready to work out a plan and take advantage of the spark between them.

Closing Words

As the show progresses, it remains to be seen how the characters will navigate their respective storylines.

Will Marlena and Kayla manage to escape from the lab? Will Kate find out the truth about Bo? Will John, Steve, and Hope be able to take down Megan? And will Andrew and Paul’s reunion be everything fans have been hoping for?

Only time will tell. Stay tuned to today’s Days of Our Lives to find out!

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