Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 27 2023: Megan escapes, Abe creates chaos

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, the episode airing on Tuesday, June 27, will be extremely exciting. Abe will cause problems for Whitely while Megan is freed.

People who enjoy a little bit of adventure and thrill would find it to be such a treat.

Harris fails to capture Megan

Once Li knocks Harris unconscious from behind, Harris will not have the opportunity to kidnap Megan. Li and Megan will use Harris’ phone to access it once he is unconscious, and they will then be able to text Kate Roberts and anyone else who might be looking for Harris.

It will give Megan and Li some breathing room as they transport Harris to Dr. Wilhelm’s facility for brainwashing.

Rolf approves Li

Days spoilers indicate that once Li complies with Dr. Rolf’s requirements, he will give his approval. Dr. Rolf will be relieved to have the proper tools this time around as he was forced to use waffle irons and other kitchen appliances the last time he was called in for a special project.

Kate is still suspicious

Kate will continue questioning Jada about the change in her relationship with Rafe in the meantime, but Jada is beaming.

According to Days spoilers, Kate will compliment Jada for taking control of her love life, at least in private!

Whitely fakes evidence

Now that Whitley’s fake evidence has been discovered by the docks, Eli will jump into the water and attempt to rescue Abe. Eli will not naturally locate Abe since he is still being detained at Whitley’s apartment.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 27 2023 Megan escapes, Abe creates chaos
Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 27 2023: Megan escapes, Abe creates chaos

Rafe will eventually receives a phone call confirming that the blood found at the scene belonged to Abe, leading him to believe that Abe has passed away permanently. Rafe will reportedly update Jada, who will then give him a consoling hug, according to Days spoilers.

Abe creates chaos

There will be a large number of mourners in Salem as word of Abe’s passing spreads because he means a great deal to so many people. Abe will surprise Whitley and present her with a new challenge in the upcoming DOOL episode on Tuesday.

Abe might insist he wants to patch things up with his son because Whitley just made up a story about him and Brandon having a falling out. Abe, however, might merely assert that he needs to leave the apartment for a while.

Without a doubt, Abe will get ready for a trip, but Whitley might invent a reason at the last minute to scuttle this quick day trip. In order to conceal Abe’s true fate, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Whitley will continue to spread false information.

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