Days of our lives spoilers for next week from June 12 -16:  Megan’s Plotting, Sloan’s family planning, and Gwen’s new man

We are here with spoilers for Days of Our Lives for the week of June 12-16, 2023. Gossip can be exciting and trust us when we say that these spoilers are packed with excitement! 

While Maggie offers a job to Xander, Gwen might have found someone, a new man. To learn more about the TV Season and its spoilers, continue reading!

Gwen And Dimitri have a moment

Dimitri has lesser choices for his lady of the hour than has opportunity and willpower until his 40th birthday celebration. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Gwen will begin spending time with Dimitri for the interview during the week of June 12-16, 2023.

Consequently, Megan will push Dimitri to charm Gwen, as she feels Gwen would make the ideal quick in-and-out lady for her child. Gwen will immediately fall in love with Dimitri, which is good news for him.

Indeed, Dimitri is very attractive, rich, and beguiling, so we aren’t exactly astonished. However, if sparks fly between them, Leo will be dissatisfied. He will summon Gwen to look at Dimitri. Will Leo attempt to impede this situation? Furthermore, would it be prudent of him to interfere with Megan’s strategy?

Chad Grieves Abigail

Later in the week, Chad will recall Abigail on her most memorable passing commemoration on Days of Our Lives. He will go to her grave and have a lot of thoughts about what to say to his wife who died. Stephanie will understand his pain. As a result, she’ll talk about it with Alex.

Before she meets Xander, Bonnie will reveal Sarah’s secret to Justin somewhere else in Salem. Besides, she will battle to keep her lips fixed before Sarah’s child’s daddy. We are curious as to how long it will be before Xander finds out that Sarah is expecting a child.

Megan approaches Li

Megan Hathaway DiMera appears to be rapidly ascending to the position of being the most terrifying DiMera among the current group on Days of Our Lives.

Days of our lives spoilers for next week from June 12 -16:  Megan’s Plotting
Days of our lives spoilers for next week from June 12 -16:  Megan’s Plotting

It is remarkably difficult to think about what’s happening in her brain and who her next target will be. Megan will now devise a new strategy to strengthen her hold at the DiMera Enterprise during the week of June 12-16, 2023.

A proposal will be sent to Li Shin by her. It might incorporate a few manipulative strategies and prompting against Gwen and Stefan. The most recent DOOL spoilers bother that Megan will snag Li into some kind of vengeance plot.

Sloan suggests starting a family

Nicole will update Eric on the DNA test report update elsewhere. On Days of Our Lives, it turns out that EJ Dimera is Nicole’s baby daddy—at least for the time being.

Eric would undoubtedly be disappointed by this considering how much he desired to become a father. Following this, Sloan will recommend to Eric that they ought to maybe attempt to have their very own child.

In any case, how might Eric respond to this idea? As a couple, they’ve become very private, but is Eric ready to have a family with her? Furthermore, what would occur if the truth about the baby’s paternity was revealed?

Harris’ Risky Plan

DiMera siblings, Stefan and EJ, will view an explanation as squabbling furiously once more. Gabi, on the other hand, will try to make things right by reminding them of a much bigger issue.

EJ and Stefan had both been trying to win Megan over up until this point. However, the winds have shifted! It’s turning out to be extremely evident that Megan has a few evil plans of her own. As a result, the brother will be instructed by Gabi to concentrate on Megan’s alliance with Dimitri and Kristen.

It will be interesting to watch the upcoming twists and turns. After Maggie gives him Alex’s Titan job offer, Xander will have to make a difficult decision this week.

Will he pass on The Observer to get this open door? Yet, what’s the significance here for Chloe? She had, after all, just joined Spectator on Xander’s orders. Will he let her work alone with his shattered ex-wife, Gwen? Talking about Gwen, she could before long have her hands full with another man! 

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