Days Of Our Lives Spoilers January 16-20: Will Sonny Return, Steve presents Rafe With Evidence

Days of Our Lives fans, the countdown to next week’s episode is on, and the anticipation is building. With rumors swirling and teasers hinting at major plot twists, it’s clear that this episode will be one to watch.

Will long-time couples finally tie the knot, or will new relationships be formed? Will beloved characters make a surprise return, or will others be written off the show? 

This article will take a closer look at the rumors and teasers, speculating on what’s to come in next week’s episode of Days of Our Lives.

This episode promises to change everything, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store. Get ready for a wild ride as we explore the possibilities of what could happen next week on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 16 to January 20!

Will is determined to find a way to separate Leo from Sonny’s life, and it seems that the information he uncovers today may be the key to achieving his goal. 

Meanwhile, Zach Tinker, who plays the role of Sonny, is returning to the show. 

Alex’s decision to turn off Stephanie’s phone has unforeseen consequences, as it prevents her from having a final conversation with a dying Kayla, causing Stephanie to seek comfort from Chad. Sarah might be surprised by Bonnie’s opinion of Xander. 

Furthermore, Gwen arrives at Xander’s hotel room and is taken aback by what she discovers.

Steve struggles to come to terms with Kayla’s illness and places blame on Kristen for her suffering. He has a confrontation with her. 

On the other hand, the children that Kayla left behind come together to grieve and reflect on the memories of their mother. 

Gabi may have taken her actions too far, which is evident in Brady’s reaction to her request. 

On the other hand, Stefan holds Li accountable for how she has interfered with his life, and he confronts her about it.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers January 16
Days Of Our Lives Spoilers January 16-20

Steve presents Rafe with evidence he believes will lead to Kristen facing punishment. However, it is uncertain whether this will bring her to justice. 

Brady has a deep and meaningful talk with John, reflecting on how he handled the situation with Kristen and if he could have done things differently. 

Despite her previous actions, Li is willing to defend Gabi when she faces a furious Stefan. Hope makes plans to confront Kristen and hold her accountable for her actions, and Chloe is determined to make sure that happens.

As Marlena’s health deteriorates, her family and friends come to her side to offer their support, including her daughter Belle who returns home to be with her. 

Rafe and Jade team up to try to locate Kristen, who has disappeared again, while Kristen plans to leave town with her daughter Rachel, whom she values above all else. 

Marlena’s condition worsens, raising concerns about whether or not she will be the next victim of the deadly orchid.

John surprises everyone by refusing to do what Marlena has asked of him, but he instead suggests an alternative plan. Johnny and Chanel, who are trying to assist John in planning something special for Marlena, find themselves reconnecting with each other. 

Rachel, like her mother, has a strong temper and loses control when she learns about Brady and Chloe’s relationship. Kristen uses blackmail to make EJ comply with her demands. 

Jada and Rafe succeed in achieving something positive, and they share a moment of camaraderie over their victory.

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