Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 17: Lani’s Captivity and Brady’s Law threat

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 17, bring intense moments as Lani tries to help Abe, Rafe worries about Lani’s return to prison, Paulina experiences a panic attack, Steve and John search for clues, and Brady’s actions have severe consequences. Stay tuned to know captivity, panic, confrontations, and all the Monday’s Intense moments.

Lani’s attempt to help Abe and Whitley’s dangerous move

Having discovered Abe unconscious and drugged at Whitley’s apartment, Lani will make an effort to assist him. Unfortunately, before Lani can get Abe out of there, Whitley will give Kayla her resignation and head home.

It sounds like Lani will also receive a sedative dose to make her compliant, according to Days of Our Lives Spoilers for Monday, July 17. This will result in Whitley holding Lani captive as well, according to the spoilers.

Rafe’s concern for Lani and Paulina’s panic attack

In the meantime, Rafe will understand that if Lani does not arrive soon, they will be late returning her to custody. Despite being fired from his position as police commissioner, Rafe took on responsibility for Lani and is still expected to make sure that she is put back behind bars. Rafe will worry along with Paulina in Monday’s DOOL episode because it is obvious that Lani would not just abandon Rafe.

Days spoilers indicate that Paulina will be troubled by this information, and as she considers what might have happened to Lani, she will experience a panic attack.

Rafe will take Paulina to the hospital after she becomes agitated and sobs while in his arms so that she can be examined. Paulina will practice her breathing techniques and make an effort to relax because she needs to be at her best to deal with the drama surrounding Lani.

Steve and John search for clues in Jerry’s apartment

He will reportedly sneak out the back of Jerry’s apartment to avoid a confrontation with Steve. However, Steve will ultimately break into Jerry’s home with John’s assistance, so they will search for any hints Jerry may have left behind.

According to Other Days spoilers, Belle and Jada will talk about the search for Rachel, so Belle might imply that Brady is about to call it a day.

Brady’s confrontation with Kristen and Rachel’s reaction

On Monday’s episode of Days, Brady will play hardball at the DiMera mansion because he has torn up the new custody arrangement. Brady will refuse to encourage and reward Kristen because she frequently pulls pranks like this.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 17 Lani's Captivity and Brady's Law threat
Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 17: Lani’s Captivity and Brady’s Law threat

Brady will regrettably overstep his bounds by pulling a stunt of his own, so expect him to pull a gun on Kristen just as Rachel enters the room and witnesses Daddy threatening Mommy.

Even though Brady will reassure Rachel that he would never actually harm Kristen, she will still be furious with him for doing such a terrible thing. When Brady eventually ejects Rachel from the mansion, Rachel will scream because she is firmly “Team Kristen.”

Trouble with the law

Days spoilers state that Brady will attempt to explain everything to Rachel at the townhouse, where he will insist that her positive opinion of Kristen is simply untrue.

For the sake of his daughter up until now, Brady has been covering up Kristen’s wrongdoings, but he will now make an effort to be more open with Rachel and make her understand why he had to be so forceful. Rachel will undoubtedly perceive Brady as the villain in this situation and be offended by the way he is disparaging her mother.

Brady will likely end up in trouble with the law once Jada learns more about the threats he made to Kristen, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers. Jada will eventually show up to look into the matter.

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