Days of Our Lives Recap April 28 2023: Talia’s Alibi Gets Messy, Sloan’s Sneak Attack on Rafe & Jada

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal a lot of intriguing details about Thursday’s episode, which was filled with twists and turns. The recap shows how the characters juggle the consequences of their actions and make decisions that will impact their future.

Colin and Talia’s plan to get revenge on Paulina and Chanel continues, but their alibi is beginning to fall apart. Meanwhile, Jada investigates the drugging incident, and Sloan is determined to clear her name.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the episode’s key moments and explore what they could mean for the future of Salem.

Talia and Colin’s Alibi Falters

Talia and Colin continue to scheme and plan their revenge on Paulina and Chanel. Their plan involves framing Sloan for drugging the biscuits, and they have already put it into motion.

However, their alibi is starting to unravel, and Talia is beginning to feel the pressure. When Jada questions her about the discrepancy in her story, Talia becomes increasingly nervous and forgetful. She starts to realize that her alibi could be better, and she may be in trouble.

Jada Investigates Talia’s Story

Jada is determined to solve the mystery of the drugging incident and is starting to put the pieces together. When she questions Talia about her story, she senses something is off.

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Jada is determined to get to the bottom of things but is also conflicted. She knows that Talia is her sister and that investigating her could be damaging. However, Jada is committed to doing her job and finding the truth.

Eric Defends Sloan

Eric continues to defend Sloan and insists that she is innocent. He knows that she didn’t drug the biscuits because he was with her at the time. Eric and Sloan are also taking their relationship to the next level, despite the rumors and gossip about her.

Eric tries to convince Brady that Sloan is a good person, but Brady remains skeptical. The tension between the two men continues to grow, and it remains to be seen.

Chloe and Xander Consider Moving in Together

Chloe and Xander continue to bond and get closer. When Xander suggests that they move in together, Chloe is hesitant at first. She worries about the financial implications and wonders if Xander is just looking for a housekeeper.

Days of Our Lives Recap April 28 2023: Talia's Alibi Gets Messy, Sloan's Sneak Attack on Rafe & Jada
Days of Our Lives April 28 2023

However, Xander assures her that he wants to be a platonic roommate and promises to be cleaner. Chloe eventually agrees, and the two of them start to plan their future together.

Sloan’s Plan to Distract Investigators

Sloan is determined to clear her name and come up with a plan to distract the investigators. She meets with Leo and gives him some juicy gossip about Jada and Rafe. Sloan hopes that Leo will publish the story and throw off the investigation. However, Leo is skeptical and wonders if Sloan’s plan will work.

Closing Words

Overall, Thursday’s Days of Our Lives episode was filled with drama, intrigue, and suspense. The characters continue to make decisions that will significantly impact their future.

Talia and Colin’s plan to frame Sloan is starting to unravel, and Jada is hot on their trail. Meanwhile, Eric and Sloan’s relationship continues to be a source of tension, and Chloe and Xander are considering moving in together.

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