Days of Our Lives spoilers for July 12: Wendy’s Love Triangle, Shawn’s Downward Spiral

Welcome to Days of Our Lives spoilers! In this episode airing on Wednesday, July 12th, tensions rise as Wendy is forced to make a difficult choice between Johnny and Tripp. Meanwhile, Shawn’s self-destructive behavior reaches new depths, leaving others wondering just how low he will sink.

Steve finds himself caught in a whirlwind as both Jada and Tripp pay him unexpected visits. And after a hypnosis session, Harris believes that institutionalization is the only solution for his troubles, but it remains to be seen if Marlena will agree. Wanna know more? Here you go.

Wendy’s Difficult Choice: Tripp or Johnny?

Unfortunately, Wendy, it appears that you can no longer have your cake and eat it too. It is finally time for you to choose whether you want to be with Tripp or Johnny! Wendy has been on dates with both Tripp and Johnny, as Days viewers are aware, so she is having a hard time deciding which romantic direction to take.

But Wendy will eventually have to choose between the two because it would be unfair to keep holding out forever. Although Chanel frequently catches Johnny’s attention, Wendy occasionally feels a stronger attraction to him.

Wendy might have to constantly consider Chanel a threat if she decides to go with Johnny. Initially, Wendy was drawn to Tripp because of his sweetness, but lately, he is been winning her over by being a little more assertive about what he wants.

Will Tripp or Johnny emerge victorious from this DOOL love triangle? Regardless, Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, July 12, reveal Wendy will decide consequently, it will not be long before she makes a significant announcement.

Keep watching to find out who will triumph and who will experience heartbreak because Johnny and Tripp will have to respect Wendy’s wishes regardless of what she decides. Do you wish Wendy would select someone? Do Tripp and Wendy have a place together, or should she end up with Johnny?

Shawn’s Self-Destructive Behavior Reaches New Depths

Shawn’s self-destructive behavior takes a turn for the worse in Wednesday’s episode. As he continues down a troubling path, those around him become increasingly concerned about how far he will sink.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for July 12 2023
Days of Our Lives spoilers for July 12 2023

The depths to which Shawn’s self-destructive behavior will go remain a pressing question, leaving viewers on edge as they witness the consequences of his actions.

Steve Caught in a Whirlwind: Jada and Tripp’s Unexpected Visits

Steve finds himself caught in a whirlwind as unexpected visitors Jada and Tripp make their presence known. The arrival of Jada and Tripp brings unexpected twists and turns to Steve’s life, further complicating his relationships and personal journey.

How Steve navigates these unexpected encounters will have a significant impact on his future and the lives of those involved.

Harris Contemplates: Marlena’s Decision

After their hypnosis session, Harris determines there is only one way he can genuinely obtain the assistance he requires. But if Marlena ordered his institutionalization, would she do it? Harris needs to dig deep and return to normal, and Marlena will try to persuade him to do so.

Harris is a decent person at heart, so Dr. Wilhelm’s decision to turn him into this trained monster for Megan is wrong and should not be forced upon him. Harris will undoubtedly lack confidence in Marlena’s strategies, which is unfortunate.

According to Days spoilers for Wednesday, July 12, Marlena’s hypnosis will ostensibly be effective enough for Harris to recognize there is a problem, but he will not trust himself. Still, Harris will be concerned that he might lose control and harm Stefan or anyone else who gets in his way.

Harris will plead with Marlena to remove him to a location where he will not be a threat because of this. Days spoilers state that Harris will feel as though Bayview is where he belongs and that Marlena should commit him for Salem’s security.

Of course, Marlena might think that is excessive, especially since Harris will be displaying promising signs of treatment response. Marlena might think that turning to Bayview should only be done as a last resort.

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