Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 7 2023: Maggie Discovers Sarah’s Pregnancy Secret, Xander’s Surprise Proposal Leaves Chloe Concerned

Spoiler Alert! Get ready for an eventful Monday in Salem as secrets are revealed and emotions run high on “Days of Our Lives.” Maggie’s determined search for her daughter, Sarah, takes her to Chicago, leading to a shocking discovery about Sarah’s pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Xander’s surprise marriage proposal to Chloe raises suspicions, and Gwen stumbles upon a mysterious man hiding in Leo’s hotel room.

Eric and EJ also have romantic surprises in store, leaving their significant others with important decisions to make. As the drama unfolds, the paternity secret threatens to shake things up in the future.

Maggie Confronts Sarah in Chicago

According to Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 7 2023, Maggie will locate Sarah in Chicago and discover for herself what her daughter has been concealing. When Maggie learns Sarah is expecting, she will also check Sarah’s progress and realize Rex can not be the father. 

Even though Sarah will eventually acknowledge that Xander is her “baby daddy,” she will encourage Maggie to keep this information quiet. Maggie won’t, of course, believe that was the best course of action.

Maggie will believe that Sarah needs to be completely honest with Xander because this is information that will change his life and that he must have. As Sarah stands her ground and cautions Maggie not to mention this to Xander, there will be some fighting.

Chloe Questions Xander’s Proposal

Days spoilers indicate that Chloe will respond to Xander’s unexpected marriage proposal in the episode of DOOL airing on Monday in Salem.

Chloe will start to wonder about Xander’s intentions and whether he proposed because Gwen got married as a result, which will make her doubt his motivations. Chloe might be concerned about Xander’s desire to compete with his ex-girlfriends because he discovered that Sarah was allegedly seeing Rex again.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 7 2023: Maggie Discovers Sarah's Pregnancy Secret, Xander's Surprise Proposal Leaves Chloe Concerned
Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 7 2023

Chloe might attempt to put the breaks on the marriage because that is not a good enough justification. But Chloe can expect Xander to reassure her that he cares deeply about her and wants a future with her.

Gwen Uncovers Leo’s Secret

Gwen’s suspicion that Leo is hiding the new man in his life will be the next plot point in Monday’s episode of Days.

Gwen will not need long to realize Leo is keeping someone hidden in his hotel room now that she has visited him there. Gwen might tease him a little before letting him go because she should assume that he is the man Leo claimed to have met on a dating app. Dimitri will come dangerously close to getting caught as he tries to hide from his wife!

Eric and EJ’s Romantic Gestures:

According to Other Days spoilers, Eric will again ask Sloan to marry him, but this time he will have an engagement ring and plan a more elaborate proposal. When Nicole informs him about Eric’s marriage proposal across town, EJ will have a similar thought.

EJ will then re-ask Nicole to marry him, but this time he will assure her that he is not doing so to outdo Eric. Nicole will have a lot to consider once EJ asks her to marry him because he will claim that all he wants is to secure his future with her and their unborn child.

The paternity secret, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers, will change the narrative in the future, so pay attention.

Paternity Secret’s Impact

Watchers of Days of Our Lives wait in anticipation to see how the paternity secret will affect the future as the drama on this dramatic Monday plays out. Its disclosure is expected to be a game-changer and could affect Salem’s interpersonal dynamics.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and thrilling episodes on “Days of Our Lives”!

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