Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 24: Melinda’s Mysterious Intentions, EJ’s Nightmares, and Ava’s Struggles

Days of Our Lives will air a new episode on Thursday, August 24, that will continue the intrigue and tension that has been building as Melinda’s intentions are questioned, EJ struggles with disturbing nightmares, and Ava’s struggles become more serious.

Salem’s citizens can expect another exciting day filled with unanticipated encounters and startling revelations.

On August 24, get ready for an explosive episode of Days of Our Lives where mystery and tension are at an all-time high.

As the spotlight shifts to Salem, questions arise about Melinda’s motivations, and EJ and Ava’s struggles become more complex, resulting in an unanticipated day of confrontations.

Melinda’s Cryptic Hints and EJ’s Pursuit of Answers

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Thursday, August 24, indicate that Melinda will stir up some suspicions. EJ might push Melinda to reveal what was on her mind during their last run-in since she kept hinting about his marriage to Nicole being a mistake.

However, Melinda might get updates on Sloan’s miscarriage and decide she can’t pile on the pain right now. Melinda should at the very least refrain from criticizing Sloan for falsifying the paternity of EJ and Nicole’s child.

EJ’s Nightmares and Tense Encounters

Melinda might play the fool and claim she was only playing a joke on EJ to get him to react, but based on her odd behavior, he might suspect otherwise.

The encounter between EJ and Tripp, which occurs at some point in Thursday’s Days episode, will be extremely tense. EJ’s nightmare, which is probably going to involve Susan Banks, should come right after this.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 24: Melinda's Mysterious Intentions, EJ's Nightmares, and Ava's Struggles
Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 24

According to Days spoilers, EJ will indeed experience a nightmare that he interprets as a sign or omen of some kind.

Tripp might contend that Ava was not in her right mind and did not deserve a legal punishment, which would contradict EJ’s perception that Susan is urging him to fight for justice.

Ava was just bragging about how much better she was doing at Bayview—at least until that vision of Susan appeared. Ava will require Harris’ assistance on Thursday’s DOOL show after that pushed her over the edge once more.

Ava’s Struggle for Clarity

After Marlena and Roman have had time to reflect on Victor’s perverse past, Dr. Evans will be summoned to Bayview for the emergency involving Ava.

Days spoilers state that Marlena will exert every effort to help Ava, who will rely on Harris because her most recent hallucination has left her in a state of shock.

Ava was feeling upbeat about the future before the “Susan” shocker, but Harris did not want her to give up on getting her life back.

The first step in making that happen will be assisting Ava in realizing that “Susan” was just another patient who looked like her.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Ava’s spinout will bring Bayview some unexpected news, so keep an eye out for all the mayhem at the mental hospital.

What to discuss? An interesting take

It will be time for the show as soon as Dimitri and Gwen return to Salem. To persuade Elliot that he has found his true love and that their marriage is sincere, Dimitri will have to do so.

Gabi and Stefan will carry out the next stages of their investigation while Dimitri tries to protect his wealth. Fans of Days will witness Stefan and Gabi get a little bit closer to learning the truth about what Dimitri and Kristen are concealing.

After Leo has an awkward interaction with Sonny, he will present Dimitri with a fresh idea. Leo believes that it is the best course of action given their current situation, despite Dimitri’s skepticism about its likelihood of success.

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