Days of Our Lives Spoilers 4 weeks ahead: Abe and Paulina’s reunion, Kristen’s custody drama

For us fans of the long-running soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” every episode is a thrilling rollercoaster ride. As the drama continues to unfold in the fictional town of Salem, we have brought you the Days of Our Lives Spoilers 4 weeks ahead of captivating storylines.

So, grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot on the couch, and get ready to enjoy the inside information.

Bonnie to Spill Sarah’s secret

Bonnie may accidentally or unintentionally reveal Sarah’s secret. Since Bonnie is undoubtedly one of the worst secret keepers-ever, it will not be shocking if she eventually tells Maggie the truth. That is especially true because Bonnie made up a rather flimsy cover story for Maggie.

Bonnie will undoubtedly be found out for lying because Mimi is not pregnant and will not be giving birth. She might be left wondering what the hell Maggie is talking about because Mimi was never even thinking about having another child.

Whitley and Jerry’s deception surfaces

Days of Our Lives Spoilers  Mayor Abe is still being held captive after 4 weeks, indicating that he will require a temporary replacement. Whitley has become very attached to Abe since she started drugging him and will not let him go.

As a result of Whitley and Jerry’s deception, Salem’s residents are undoubtedly in mourning over the loss of their beloved mayor. Look for Grayson Berry to serve as the interim mayor until this issue can be resolved because he will begin acting as Clint Rawlings on July 12.

Shawn’s anger costs both him and Rafe

Days spoilers indicate that Clint will play a significant part in Shawn Brady and Rafe’s storyline, so let us discuss what to expect. Shawn will be reported to Rafe and asked to be fired if DA Melinda finds him drinking while on the job.

Shawn will think Rafe and the suspension are making a big deal out of nothing and Rafe will suspend Shawn in place of the other. Shawn might accuse Rafe of having an illicit relationship with Jada and think the two of them are getting close behind closed doors.

Days spoilers indicate that Clint will eavesdrop and be furious about what he hears, putting Shawn and Rafe in hot water—albeit for various reasons. Fans of DOOL can anticipate Clint to enforce the law, which will put Rafe and Shawn in some trouble as a result of the scene they will create in front of the acting mayor.

Custody Drama

Now that there will be more custody disputes, let us talk about Rachel and some parental disagreements. Fans of DOOL are aware of Kristen’s desperation to get her daughter back, and they know she will not hesitate to use unethical tactics if necessary.

More Megan mayhem will be dealt with by Kristen and EJ after Leo frees them from the DiMera covert room. Though she is determined to play a significant role in Rachel’s upbringing, Kristen will eventually return to her goal.

Kristen confesses to Lani

Days spoilers indicate that Kristen will eventually confess to Lani, even if she initially plays dumb and keeps her hands clean. As former convent roommates, Lani and Kristen will have the opportunity to rekindle their friendship while the latter is on furlough from prison.

The result of that will be Kristen telling Lani she knows where Rachel is. Days of Our Lives Spoilers  According to 4 Weeks, Kristen may be using this as an opportunity to spend time with Rachel while putting Brady on the defensive for allowing their daughter to wander off.

Stefan and EJ? What’s up?

Stefan and EJ may soon become brothers, according to DOOL Spoilers. Days viewers are aware that EJ and Stefan had a protracted argument, but now they both understand what a truly awful sibling looks like!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers 4 weeks ahead
Days of Our Lives Spoilers 4 weeks ahead

EJ was horrified to learn about it and attempted to stop Megan from taking Stefan’s life because she was willing to do it like it was nothing. Family is important to EJ, regardless of any problems they may be having.

When EJ is hypnotized and awakens, he should realize Megan held him captive because he was attempting to foil her horrifying plan.

The happy reunion

DOOL spoilers indicate that Abe may decide to handle things on his own in the upcoming four weeks. Hallucinations will be caused by the medications Whitley will continue to give Abe, but eventually, the mist may be clear enough for him to remember who he is.

Perhaps at last Abe will remember everything and understand that he must return to his family at home. If he can pick the right moment and regain his strength in between doses, Abe might be able to make a spectacular escape. While Paulina will be unable to cope as she gets ready for Abe’s funeral.

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