Days of our Lives Spoiler next Week (Dec, 26-30)

For the days of Monday, December 26, through Friday, December 30, we have the most recent Days of Our Lives spoilers.

The demonstration by John and Marlena that there is no place like a home might not go as well as they had intended.

Meanwhile, Rafe experiences difficulties, Eric and Brady have regrets, and that annoying flower suddenly becomes of enormous importance!

Relaxing Recaps!

The Hortons hang their decorations, Abigail sees Chad, and Thomas reveals Gwen’s secret in the recap.

Eli and the twins will give Julie cause to rejoice when they pay her a visit for Christmas.

Just in time to hang her ornament with the rest of the Horton family, Jennifer also returns home to Salem.

DOOL Spoilers For December 26, Monday

Have you ever had a friend offer to assist, only to make matters worse? That’s what occurs when Gwen helps Xander, only to have him get farther into trouble as a result!

Will their Christmas together put Alex and Stephanie on Santa’s nice list or the bad list?

Victor seems to be joining us in objecting to how much time Sonny has been spending with Leo.

What does Bonnie do that causes Sarah to look at her husband with fresh suspicion?

DOOL Spoilers For December 27, Tuesday

Will immediately criticizes his husband along the same lines after Victor makes it plain what he thinks of Leo.

Eli arrives just when Paulina needs a little boost to her spirits.

Alex and Stephanie’s special plans end up falling through because of Chad.

The least startling turn of events ever occurs when Gwen and Xander’s plan to deceive everyone starts to fall apart.

DOOL Spoilers For December 28, Wednesday

It’s time for Gabi to walk down the aisle and wed Li. Rafe, though, can’t help but think she may not be giving it her all.

In the meantime, Wendy and Johnny struggle to keep their mouths shut since they both want to tell the would-be bride all they know!

Brady and Eric are prepared to carry out their strategy. Can they actually get it off?

Nancy wants to know how Chloe’s love life is doing, which could call for some libations!

DOOL Spoilers For December 29, Thursday

It appears like Wendy is getting ever closer to revealing the truth! It’s time for Gabi to transform Li into an honorable man by walking down the aisle.

Is it just me, or are Chloe and Stefan getting steamy while on their New Year’s Eve vacation in Miami?

Days of our lives spoilers
Days of our lives spoilers

Nicole comes into contact with Rafe and Jada, and it’s safe to assume that things start to… Let’s use the word “tense.”

DOOL Spoilers For December 30, Friday

Does it suggest that someone has chosen to speak now rather than keep quiet forever when Li and Gabi’s wedding ceremony abruptly ends?

Kristen is about to get shocked. This begs the question: What does it take to catch the DiMera diva off guard, given everything she’s done over the years?

EJ has to get something off his chest. What will Nicole do?

It’s said that the person you kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve will be the one you’ll adore all year. So who will be kissing whom as we bid 2022 farewell?

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