Gabi DiMera Recast: Who Will Take Over as Gabi DiMera on Days of Our Lives?

With Camila Banus’ departure from Days of Our Lives, fans are wondering who will take over her role as Gabi DiMera. Gabi has been a key figure in the drama of Salem for a long time, so it’s natural that fans are concerned about what will happen to her character.

However, just because Camila is leaving doesn’t mean that Gabi’s storyline is over. In fact, many fans believe that Gabi should be recast, and one name keeps popping up – Lindsay Hartley. Here’s what we know so far.

Who is Gabi in Days of Our Lives?

Gabi DiMera, played by Camila Banus, is a popular character in Days of Our Lives. She’s the daughter of Hector and Gabi Hernandez and the sister of Arianna Hernandez. She’s also the mother of Arianna Grace Horton, who was given birth by Will Horton.

Gabi has been involved in many dramatic story plots over the years, including her relationships with Nick Fallon, Chad DiMera, and Stefan DiMera.

Who is currently portraying the role of Gabi?

Camila Banus has been portraying Gabi DiMera since 2010. For over a decade, Camila Banus has brought the fierce and fabulous Gabi DiMera to life on our screens. But recently, news broke that Camila will be saying goodbye to the show, leaving fans to wonder what will happen to her beloved character.

It’s always tough to say goodbye to a beloved character, especially one that’s been a cornerstone of the show for so long. But in the world of soap operas, change is a constant, and we can only imagine what twists and turns are in store for Gabi’s future.

Is Gabi recast?

While there’s no official word yet, many fans believe that Gabi should be recast. Recasting a character is not uncommon in soap operas, especially when a character is crucial to the show’s storyline.

Gabi DiMera Recasting
Gabi DiMera Recasting

Gabi has been an important character in Days of Our Lives, and fans don’t want to see her storyline end just because Camila is leaving the show.

Why is Gabi recast?

The exact reason why Gabi is being recast is still unknown. However, it’s possible that Camila Banus wants to pursue other projects or that the show’s writers want to take Gabi’s storyline in a different direction.

It seems like Lindsay Hartley will replace Camila in Days. Let us see, as days go, we can expect a lot of twists, turns, ups, and downs in her story plot.

Who is New Gabi on Days of Our Lives?

If Gabi is recast, many fans believe that Lindsay Hartley would be the perfect fit for the role. Lindsay is a popular actress among daytime television fans, having played Sam McCall on General Hospital in the past.

She’s also been juggling multiple projects recently, including directing the new television movie ‘Paranormal Bodies.’ Fans think that her experience and talent would make her an excellent choice to take over the role of Gabi DiMera.

Here Comes The END!

Gabi will be recast, or what will happen to her character? Many fans are hopeful Lindsay Hartley will take over the role of Gabi DiMera.

Lindsay’s experience and talent make her a strong candidate for the position, and fans are excited to see what she could bring to the character Gabi. We must tune in to Days of Our Lives to find out what happens next!

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  1. linsy hartly was on passions her brother was a cop and the cop was rafe . so if she starts days she will be working with her former passions brother. who is now rafe was louis then. that would be really cool to see her paly against the same actor as she did in passions

    • I’m not sure if you realize this, but she was on days of our lives as Brady’s boyfriend. She was Rafe Hernandez’s late sister, Arianna. Whom Gabby’s daughter is named after.

  2. Not trying to be ageist, but Hartley is about a dozen years older than the generation that the Gabi character has been part of since the character’s inception. Gabi went to high school with Will and they share a daughter. Banus and Massey are early 30s, while Hartley is 45. Going that direction with the character would be odd.


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