Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi’s Scheming Against Li Shin and DiMera Enterprises

Abi Hernandez intends to profit from the situation. Li Shin may decide to give her his DiMera shares as a gift, but she may later figure out a means to turn them against him.

Times of Our Existence Secrets

EJ DiMera may have dismissed Li, but his father, Wei Shin, is still a member of the DiMera board. Before Stefan’s passing and EJ’s return, Li was also a member of the board. However, Li managed to land a position with the business.

He managed to worm his way in because there was an opening, but Gabi knows that if she takes his shares, she can find a way to send him to Shanghai.

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Gabi wants to co-manage DiMera once more with Stefan as equal partners, just as she and Jake DiMera did before they were dismissed. EJ believes that Stefan shouldn’t manage DiMera alone and that only the DiMeras should be in charge.

When We Are Present No Intentions to Balance Leaks

Li must demonstrate that he is invulnerable to a cunning Gabi as he battles against their divorce and attempts to coerce Gabi to remain with him.

Li may be a schemer, but Gabi is five times more stubborn and twice as much of a schemer than Li, so she’s setting him up for a battle.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi's Scheming Against Li Shin and DiMera Enterprises
Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi’s Scheming Against Li Shin and DiMera Enterprises

She has no desire to make amends with him, but she will continue to use him as long as she needs to because she now realizes their “love” was more of a mutually beneficial use arrangement.

She is upset that despite being informed Stefan couldn’t return, he was aware for the entire five years that Rolf could implant a heart in him. Let’s see further what happens next.

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