Why did Taylor shoot Bill? What Happened In The B&B?

The Bold and the Beautiful fanatics have seen all facets of Bill Spencer’s personality, including the good, the terrible, and the downright ugly. In actuality, Bill has stepped over the line in the past. He has slept with his wife’s sister and son’s wife.

According to actor Don Diamont, subsequent episodes of the show will reveal to viewers a kinder side of him. The protagonist has trouble controlling his “win at any cost” mindset.

Who Is The Suspect?

One of three things may happen when it comes to someone like Bill Spencer: you either adore him, fall in love with him, or despise what you did. 

It was just a matter of time before someone tried to bring him down since he had done many dubious and immoral things over the years. After it was revealed that Bill was nearly killed in 2018, there was a lengthy list of potential suspects. 

Fans even suspected that it may have been his partner, Katie Logan, or his sons, Liam and Wyatt Spencer.

However, it came out that Taylor Hayes was the one who really wanted to kill Bill. It appears that she also had a tantalizing reason for doing what she did. 

The Real Reason!

Taylor was furious because Bill almost ended the life of her daughter Steffy Forrester. She wasn’t happy that Bill was having sex with Steffy in what can only be defined as an unauthorized relationship behind her husband Liam’s back as Steffy’s mother.

Why did Taylor shoot Bill
Why did Taylor shoot Bill?

Taylor didn’t admit to nearly murdering Bill until she returned to Los Angeles in 2018. 

Taylor And Bill Relationship!

Despite the fact that Taylor Hayes came dangerously killing Bill Spencer, there has been much discussion among “The Bold and the Beautiful” viewers over whether or not the two would end up together. 

In fact, viewers want to see Bill and Taylor emerge as the next power couple in the imagined Los Angeles. Additionally, it is speculated that the two would get together shortly.

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  1. Somebody please wake me up from this nightmare Bill and Sheila for real pinch me throw some hot water on me anything wake me up. This cannot be happening

  2. Quinn and Bill needs to be a couple again. Liam needs know his little girl belongs to Bill. Ridge and Brooke needs find a forever happy place.


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