What happened to Flo on Bold and Beautiful?

Are you a regular viewer of The Bold And The Beautiful and like the supporting character Flo Fulton? She has been promoted as a Logan family member and the new golden girl of the program since 2019. But Flo hasn’t been seen in a while, so many wonders where she is.

A Glimpse Of Flu!

Flo was a villain in The Bold and the Beautiful who became a heroine. She joins Reese Buckingham and Beth Spencer in exchanging babies in January 2019.

When Steffy Forrester adopts the daughter without knowing that she is Hope Logan’s kid, Flo plays the role of the child’s biological mother.

Flo had ties to other characters and remained in Los Angeles. She meets up with Wyatt Spencer, the man she had loved since high school and never let go of.

When Shauna Fulton discloses that the late Storm Logan is her father, Flo also acquires a new family. She is welcomed into the Logan family by Brooke and the Logans, but Flo is ashamed of the huge secret she has kept from them.

The Logans rejected Flo after Reese and Flo’s baby fraud was discovered, and Wyatt abandoned her to go back to Sally Spectra, his ex-girlfriend.

When Flo gave a kidney to save her aunt Katie Logan, she could atone for her transgression. Then Wyatt broke up with Sally in order to see Flo again, but their reunion was cut short by Sally’s plan.

Wyatt returned to Sally, thinking she was about to die, to make her last moments special. Flo discovers Sally’s trick but is abducted before she can inform anybody.

As Sally departs for Genoa City, Wyatt rescues Flo, and the pair returns together. Wyatt asks Flo to marry him after their ordeal, eager to begin a life with her.

Real Flu!

On January 14, 2019, Bowden made her The Bold and the Beautiful debut in the role of Flo. Before the CBS serial series, Bowden briefly appeared on One Life to Live in 2006. Bowden’s extensive film and television résumé are amazing.

What happened to Flo on Bold and Beautiful
What happened to Flo on Bold and Beautiful?

Cerie, Liz Lemon’s secretary, was one of her most well-known characters on 30 Rock. American Reunion and Scary Movie 5 are just a couple of the movies that Bowden has been in as an actor. The actor is working on a number of projects, including the films Old Dads and Morning Shine.

Flu Returns!

The Bold and the Beautiful has been without Flo and her fiancé Wyatt. Bowden and Brooks weren’t present since they were focused on other tasks.

Brooks made a comeback to the show and was discussed on the episode from July 21, 2022. Meanwhile, Flo hasn’t been seen for more than a year.

Fans discovered Bowden’s name was omitted from the end credits in December 2021. Bowden denied leave rumors, and executive producer Brad Bell promised Flo and Wyatt a significant plot line. Fans, however, think Flo may be permanently gone, given her disappearance and Wyatt’s lack of mention of her.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Flo comes back. However, the show may cause conflict for her and Wyatt if and when she does make a comeback. 

By cheating on Wyatt with either Thomas Forrester or Liam Spencer, Flo might revert to her bad girl past. They could also start a fight with Hope, who has never forgiven her cousin for switching the baby.

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