The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers December 12-16

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, December 12, through Friday, December 16, on feature Steffy and Finn trying their hardest to follow Sheila’s nine-toed tracks.

Deacon playing a reluctant henchman, Bill acting like a broken record, and Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor dealing with the Brooke, Ridge, and Taylor-ness of their all-too-familiar situation. How does everything work out? See below for hints.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for December 9, Friday

In the recap from last Friday, Deacon had Sheila leave, Steffy and Finn revealed their suspicions, and Sheila met Steffy in person.

As Eric, Carter, Brooke, Liam, and Hope listen to Finn and Steffy explain their idea about Sheila, we can’t help but worry if the madwoman’s plot is about to come to the violent end we’ve been anticipating for months.

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Week

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers For December 12, Monday

They simply cannot perform worse than the police, right? Finn and Steffy collaborate to find Sheila, a jail escapee. But if they do find her, what precisely are they going to do? arrest of a citizen?

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers For December 13, Tuesday

Till the crazy lady declares it to be over, it isn’t over. Deacon therefore works quickly to complete one more immoral act for Sheila.

Brooke is urged by Hope to expose herself to more suffering and disgrace. Oh no, we mispelled it. Hope exhorts her mother to let love into her heart. That’s what Hope says.

Fugitive Since Sheila was able to escape from prison after attempting to kill her daughter-in-law in cold blood, she is now formally on the lam. In all honesty, this is what she should have been doing all along.

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers For December 14, Wednesday

Doctor, examine yourself. Taylor expresses her emotions on her role in preserving Thomas’ secrecy. She might then comment on how she recently stood up for herself to Brooke. ’ Because it certainly made us wonder, “Huh?”

Eric shows Ridge some rough love. It appears that waffles will no longer be served at the Forrester estate.

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers For December 15, Thursday

Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke settle the contentious conflict between Hope and Steffy. Who doesn’t have time to shout at their stepsister when Sheila is running loose?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers December 12-16
The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers December 12-16

Ridge finds out that Brooke and Taylor have connected on some level. Could it possibly be marked “No Boys Allowed”?

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers For December 16, Friday

The phrase “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before” has never been stated by Bill, who devises a strategy to win Katie back. Why does that make us feel more anxious than happy?

An unplanned celebration is interrupted by Hope and Steffy. Could their family members be celebrating Sheila’s return to prison?

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