The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Turbulent Times for Eric and Donna: Unresolved Issues

“The Bold and the Beautiful” delves into Eric and Donna’s relationship strains, ignoring crucial problems that may foretell a rocky road ahead.

With Eric’s health concerns looming, their unresolved issues take center stage, sparking questions about their future together.

Marital Hurdles Ignored

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) is choosing to ignore a number of significant problems in Eric and Donna’s relationship.

Could those problems actually be indicators of what lies ahead for Donna and her bearded companion?

Why did not Eric want to get married again and give Donna that farewell present, since he had known about his dire situation for some time?

It is odd that Eric decided against getting married to Donna once more, especially considering his belief that he would meet a dismal end and his intense desire to make the most of his remaining time.

Turbulent Times for Eric and Donna: Unresolved Issues
Eric and Donna

You would have thought that Eric could have made time one afternoon for a wedding to firmly establish his bond with Donna and express his gratitude for her.

Eric was happy enough to stop being his wife and move in with Donna as his live-in girlfriend.

That is critical given that Ridge is the one with Eric’s medical power of attorney in this plot. With Ridge in charge, Donna is not in a position to choose what happens to the man she loves.

Donna is very upset that Ridge is putting a stop to Eric’s experimental treatment because she wants to do whatever it takes to save Eric.

You could counter, of course, that Eric might have believed Ridge would be more composed than Donna in a dire situation.

If Eric had worried that Donna would be erratic in her emotions, he might have relied on Ridge to remain cool and collected. But in this particular instance, perhaps an emotional reaction is called for! Ridge is absurd, especially in light of the fact that just a few episodes ago, he was practically pleading for a way to save Eric.

The only person who has witnessed Eric’s level of fear and understands his desire to survive is Donna.

Emotional Rollercoaster

This is one instance where Donna seems to have more knowledge than Ridge does, so there may be some long-lasting drama.

Donna will be overjoyed when Eric is presumably saved by this experimental treatment since it appears that Ridge will eventually give up.

It is possible that Donna will never forget the experience of being ignored while Ridge made decisions in her place.

It might be the beginning of a grudge that will eventually fester and manifest itself in different forms.

Given that B&B has already brought attention to some foundational issues, Eric’s recuperation might not be sufficient to salvage his relationship with Donna.

Despite this treatment that could save their lives, is bad news on the horizon for Eric and Donna? Will Eric and Donna end their relationship eventually?

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