The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Steffy’s Dilemma, Eric’s Legacy Battles, and Sheila’s Next Move

According to The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from August 21 to September 1, Liam will present Hope with a compelling argument, and she will ultimately come to an understanding with him.

Hope will be persuaded by Liam during the week of August 21–25 to remember Thomas’ mistakes before her relationship with him develops further.

Hope will get a different perspective on Thomas, which might make Liam more open to the idea of moving their marriage forward.

Hope and Liam’s Agreement

In the meantime, Thomas will make an effort to avoid Steffy’s inquiries about his relationship with Hope and its true course.

Although Steffy will worry that Hope might break Thomas’ heart and reunite with Liam, Thomas will try to calm his sister’s anxiety by acting as though he will not care what happens.

Ridge will express his concerns, though, and RJ will tell Thomas to back off and give Hope and Liam time to sort things out before he does.

According to other B&B spoilers, Thomas will attempt a romantic gesture to win Hope over, but it will fail when she refuses to kiss him. Thomas will notice something has changed because Hope will not be interested in the romantic evening he has planned.

When Thomas discovers that Hope is once again fixated on his past, he will essentially accuse Liam of ruining their plans.

Thomas’ Evasive Maneuvers

But Thomas will understand that at one point he seriously wounded Hope. Thomas will accept this if it is Hope’s current emotional state.

Thomas will support Hope in getting her family back together if that is what she truly wants, so he will watch as she leaves. He will reveal something to Liam while they are together again that will surprise Steffy.

Liam might admit that he is open to giving Hope another chance despite realizing that Steffy is his true love.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

Liam may take a step back so that Steffy can do that since she has a lot of marital issues to work out on her own. Later, Finn will be content to have another opportunity to speak with Steffy.

Although Finn and Steffy will profess their love for one another, Steffy’s worries about Sheila will not go away.

Ridge and Eric’s Strained Relationship

Ridge and Eric will experience increased conflict in the interim. It appears that Ridge will once more minimize the value of the legacy line his father recommended while unintentionally disparaging Eric’s creative efforts. Ridge’s feeling of being undervalued and dismissed will cause Eric to become irate with him.

Eric will fight for some respect, according to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, and he will grow even more adamant about preserving his legacy.

Eric will divulge information to RJ during the week of August 28–September 1. If Eric is secretly ill or simply feels like he is being put out to pasture, there might be some deeper reasons for his recent behavior.

RJ might hear from Eric about his battle with Ridge and the reasons he will not be able to rest until his legacy has been properly preserved.

Steffy’s Difficult Decision

She will make a difficult choice while still with Steffy that will have a bearing on her future.

Will Steffy decide to temporarily leave the city with the kids while she assesses the viability of her union? Even though Steffy cares deeply for Finn, she can not help but feel that Sheila will remain a danger as long as they remain together.

Steffy might feel like she needs a little escape from that difficult fact because it will be difficult for her to accept it.

Sheila and Deacon’s Precarious Situation

Then Sheila and Deacon will find themselves in a precarious situation.

Who will suddenly arrive? Who will cause the secret lovers to panic when some unexpected guests arrive at Deacon’s apartment? Would it be possible for Hope and Brooke to visit Deacon while Sheila is there? Anyhow, Deacon will make an effort to conceal Sheila; the outcome will depend on whether he succeeds or is discovered to have her.

Be sure to catch all the shocking news and heated conflict in the upcoming two weeks, according to spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful.

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