The Bold and Beautiful: Ridge Faces Decisions Amidst Eric’s Health Crisis

In upcoming episodes of “The Bold and the Beautiful” (B&B), Ridge Forrester grapples with a challenging decision as his father, Eric, faces a health crisis.

Spoilers hint at Ridge’s struggle to balance family dynamics and business responsibilities, mirroring Eric’s legacy of power-sharing within Forrester Creations.

Eric’s Leadership Heritage

Spoilers for “The Bold and the Beautiful” (B&B) reveal that a leader is able to manage both a group of people and an individual. Ridge should therefore take his father’s example.

Devoted viewers will recall that in recent years, Eric elevated Steffy Forrester to a position of equal authority. Releasing himself from the day-to-day operations of Forrester Creations was his goal.

Therefore, Ridge was exposed to the kind of power-sharing and teamwork that the co-founder of the company implemented within the family. FC has flourished since.

Ridge Faces Decisions Amidst Eric's Health Crisis

Above all, Ridge wished for his father’s final days to be as bright as possible. He thus claimed Eric had the most sales while lying about having won the Fashion Challenge.

During the weeks preceding McCook’s abrupt breakdown, there were several secrets withheld from his character. The number of people who were informed that he had a terminal illness was another.

Eric’s life was momentarily saved by his need for emergency experimental surgery. At work, an executive decision was made by Ridge, and things changed immediately.

Ridge’s Dilemma Over Design Collaboration

Ridge can not see any justification for RJ to be the only designer to complete Eric’s previous collection. Eric asked Zende to collaborate with him on the Hope for the Future designs, and Kaye’s character is aware that this request was prompted by Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson) firing.

There was room for improvement in the outcomes of their efforts. However, as everyone discovered later, Eric was starting to experience physical problems that limited his ability to perform at a master level. For that collection’s lackluster reception, Zende was not to blame.

Most importantly, Ridge is aware of Eric’s desire for harmony within the family. So, in order to finish the current collection, he would not want Ridge to favor him by working only with RJ. Thomas, Zende, and RJ could all be leveraged, with Ridge supervising their cooperative efforts.

Zende Forrester’s backstory is familiar to regular viewers. Kristen, Eric’s daughter, and her husband raised him as an orphan and adopted him.

Eric hugged Zende, and it is undeniable that de Metz’s character loves his grandfather. Ridge does not seem to care about Zende’s perspective or that working on Eric’s final line is justified by his level of experience.

Thomas could legitimately feel a little bit too, given Hope’s response upon hearing about Ridge’s choice. Eric’s crisis on B&B gives us a chance to prevent another Forrester family feud, though.

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