Love in the Air? A Sizzling Tease for Poppy and Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful

Recent spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) suggest that Poppy, after a date with Bill, might have more romantic options on the horizon.

A social media hint featuring Romy Park and Lawrence Saint-Victor has fans buzzing about a potential spicy encounter between Poppy and Carter.

The Social Media Tease

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) indicate that Poppy recently went on a date with Bill, who seemed to enjoy catching up and looks forward to seeing her again soon.

However, Poppy has more romantic options going forward because Bill is not the only man on canvas. One of those options is Carter, so let’s look at a new social media hint.

On January 9, Romy Park shared a sweet video of herself and Lawrence Saint-Victor at the studio on Instagram and inquired as to whether they were preparing for their scene that day.

“Yes, we are. Saint-Victor grinned mischievously and said, “We are getting ready for our SPICY scene,” to which Park laughed and shushed him.

Of course, there is always the chance that there is an inside joke going on, such as when a hilariously spicy takeaway is mentioned in the scene.

On the other hand, it appears that things between Carter and Poppy are going to get hot and heavy as someone can be heard screaming “shirtless” in the video.

A Sizzling Tease for Poppy and Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful
Romy Park and Lawrence Saint-Victor tease a steamy storyline for Poppy and Carter, leaving fans eager for what’s to come on B&B!

That does not necessarily imply that Poppy and Carter are about to have a romantic moment. Alternatively, Poppy could enter the room and give it a hard time. Perhaps Poppy will drop by while Carter is flaunting his muscles at the office, as he has a history of doing so after working out.

Poppy’s Potential Role

If Poppy discovers Carter at Forrester Creations without a shirt, she might have to admit she likes what she sees.

That might result in some flirtation and possibly some hot exchanges. Katie would be wise to watch out for Poppy as she could easily become an intruder in Carter and Katie’s relationship!

Even though Carter is currently faithful to Katie, Poppy might test his commitment to her. Li frequently complains about Poppy sleeping around, so Poppy might eventually show her sister wrong.

It is possible that Poppy will eventually hook up with Carter because it would not be the first time she slept with someone in a committed relationship.

Stated differently, this upcoming “spicy” scene between B&B might not involve bedtimes just yet, but it might establish the framework for a potential relationship.

In any event, it appears that Romy Park and Lawrence Saint-Victor have been enjoying themselves at the studio! Keep checking back for updates on any exciting news that may be coming soon, as spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful suggest that Poppy and Carter may soon fall in love.

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